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Postpartum Belly Dance: One year after birth

My abs are so excited! And I need not live in fear of Writer's Butt. While visiting a new fitness center for physical therapy, Mr. G discovered a belly dance teacher giving a wide variety of classes not far from where we live! She has been a little difficult to contact by phone or email, but it looks like she has a class starting tonight. I'm totally going to crash and see if I can get in the class--if not, I'll find out how to register for the next session.

Because, dear friends, I am pleased to announce that I am completing my "DIY graduate" program in YouTube Belly Dance, and I am ready to move on to a real, in-person class with a real, live instructor.

Following is my dissertation-equivalent in two videos. In them you can see the child my body produced with the help of YouTube belly dance fitness "courses" as well as a set of rockstar abs that can be achieved with even the most amateur and awkward of belly dancing drills.

I'd like to note that in the first video, I am just practicing camels, and that after childbirth, I have a much greater ability to throw my belly out in a big, round arc than I did before Nux Gallica broadened the reach of my abdominal tissues. (Thanks, Nux!) As a lifelong skinny girl (and growing up as a child so skinny it was not cute or cool), I find this eminently sensual and enjoyable. I think it's fascinating that belly dance can enhance body love for women of all shapes and sizes--athletic, petite, gangly, skinny, Rubenesque, or whatever.

Also, belly dance exercises continue to strengthen my core and stabilize my lower back scoliosis, enabling me to lift my giant toddler in and out of her car seat without putting myself into traction.

In the second video, I am dancing around the room after my toddler to the song "Snowden's Jig" performed by the Carolina Chocolate Drops. I'm a Swedish-German-French-American doing a Westernized Arabic style of dance to music by an African-American Appalachian folk band. Is that fusion or what?

Wish me luck wiggling into this REAL LIVE belly dance class tonight!


  1. Your belly is mesmerizing! I just saw a free belly dance performance that reignited my desire to learn again. I took one class two years ago, and I wish I had kept it up. Never too late!

    1. Thanks, Jess! You are an awesome dancer. It really is never too late to learn a new form. I got into the class (yay!) and there are a couple of students who look like they're in their 60s. Shake it, mamas!

  2. Just wait until you get into the class-not only will your abs be all happy, your soul will be too!! Shimmy shimmy!

    I hope they esqueeeeeeeeze you in! Lovvveeeee it! YEAAAH!

    I laughed really hard at the part "enabling me to lift my giant toddler in and out of her car seat without putting myself into traction." Mama, NO LIE! She's no little Nux, She's like an Oak tree! Be careful!

    1. Esperanza, I am so happy I got in! The teacher is fantastic--very good, very experienced, very professional, and also kind and happy. She's serious but not a diva.

      And yeah, Nux is ridiculous. Not only is she huge, she is strong like Bam Bam. Her two new favorite activities are climbing up on a table and dancing (!!!) and climbing up on chairs and jerking and slamming them all over the room. I need all the muscles I can get.

    2. ::Her two new favorite activities are climbing up on a table and dancing (!!!) and climbing up on chairs and jerking and slamming them all over the room.::

      Maybe I shouldn't have sent all my love and vibes to her while you were pregnant...Apparently she's taking after me on a typical Friday night out. EEP.

  3. And is Nux doing the dance of the seven veils? Seriously, nice video. Good luck with the course

    1. Thanks, Mike! The course is already teaching me better form, control, and balance. Nux is designing her own style of dance day by day. There is a lot of fist pumping and doing the twist. It's hilarious because she's never seen anybody dance that way. It's straight from the soul, I guess!


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