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Ich Liebe Rammstein

When I say that Rammstein is my idol, I mean it in the Biblical sense.

My husband has bought me the best wedding anniversary gift I could possibly imagine. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of our wedding, this May...

WE WILL SEE RAMMSTEIN IN THE DIRTY! That's right--my prayers to the gods of Metal have been answered, and Rammstein will come to Detroit (OK, a suburb of Detroit because that's where the big stadium is), which is totally the MOST METAL city in the United States of America, on May 6--the night of the full moon, one day after our wedding anniversary!

If you know me in real life or have ever read my blog, you might wonder how a bookish, environmentalist feminist who enjoys domestic life and fine art could become a crazed fan of a heavy metal group that poses in promotional materials as woman-butchering cannibals and is almost entirely responsible for global warming with their 23 trucks full of pyrotechnics.

Please, I can explain!

Rammstein's most provocative…