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2012 Resolutions

Happy New Year! Tonight begins the year 2012, believed by many to be the year of the Zombie Apocalypse. Or something like that. What with the baby, I haven't been paying enough attention.

Anyway, I didn't stick to any serious resolutions in 2011 except to take good care of my family, but I feel ready to set a few fun goals for 2012.

1. Stay in shape with belly dance stretches and drills three times a week. Most of my physical problems are in the area of my lower spine and sacrum, especially since giving birth and having to tote around a heavy child. Nothing seems to work better for me than doing a dance warmup (right now I'm using one of Sadie's belly dance DVDs) followed by at least 20 minutes of mayas, hip circles, or other moves that isolate and strengthen core muscles.

2. Build writing time into my weekly schedule and stick to it throughout the year. I don't want to be one of those people who waits until retirement to pursue their dreams. But until I retire, ther…

Merry Christmas from the Nutshell!

It's my little Nut's first Christmas!

She is eleven months old and still knows nothing about Christmas presents. Nor does she understand anything about Santa Claus, the Nativity story, or Black Friday sales. But she is astoundingly filled with glee about those human elements of the solstice time that are older than any living nation or religion: wonder at lights shining in the darkness, the joy of celebration, and the mood of anticipation. She knows the word "Christmas tree" and points excitedly at every one she sees, when she hears someone say it. Her grandmother has already taught her to say "Ho ho ho!" (not too far from her first word, "uh-oh"). She goes crazy every time she sees colored lights, velvet bows, wreaths, tinsel, or any kind of holiday decor. We take her on walks in the mall and the grocery store just so she can point out all the decorations and hoot and squeal and say, "Ooooooooh!" Every day when she wakes up in the morni…

Merry Christmas from Michelle Davidson Argyle!

All ebooks by Michelle Davidson Argyle, including her ever-popular and enchanting debut novella Cinders, are on sale for 99 cents until the New Year. Jingle jingle jingle! That pocket change can get you some magical, exciting, and cozy winter reading. Click click click!