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Village Schooling

Public school? Private school? Homeschool? I'm not so sure about any of those options, so I'm dreaming up a new way to think about educating my daughter. 

Nux Gallica is growing so quickly that she already has me planning her education. I've located a truly excellent private preschool in my neighborhood, and I've calculated that the tuition costs less than diapers. Hooray!

But what happens when she turns five? The public schools in my area are among the worst in the developed world. (No joke.) The private schools are expensive, religious, and not extraordinary. And the thought of "homeschooling" my daughter at home, in isolation from her peers, makes me cringe.

Part of that is a stigma of homeschooling that I know is not always deserved. Families identifying as "homeschooling" are often linked to large networks of other families that help each other give their children rich educational experiences with classes, field trips, and other activities he…

What % is bored by martyrs?

There are people disgusted at Wall Street. There are people disgusted with the people who are disgusted with Wall Street. I'm jumping into the chain to express my disgust with the people disgusted with the people disgusted with Wall Street.

Hello, I am the Genie of the Shell, and I am not angry. I have a fortunate life. But I understand why lots of other people are angry right now. Bailouts for banks but not families, layoffs, benefit cuts, infrastructure cuts, and other economic problems have come to a head lately. Most of the nation is living in substandard conditions in comparison to other “developed” nations while the richest people get richer and more powerful. It’s no surprise to me why the people getting screwed are pissed off. What seems a bit absurd to me is the people who are angry at the people who are angry about getting screwed. There appears to be an Occupy Facebook movement to counter the Occupy Wall Street protests, with signs like this one.

I’m also co…

I'm Feeling Yummy Head to Toe

Hey, friends. "I know you've been waiting, but I've been off making babies..." Okay, to be honest, my blog posts and creative writings are probably a little less in demand than a pop star's albums, but even so, I'm feeling yummy these days--and so antsy to write! I'm feeling Gwennie's excitement about getting back into the groove after having a baby. Remember this song? Yeah, reach far back in that memory bank, pre-Gaga. Yeah?

My family just took a trip down to Florida to introduce Nux Gallica (now eight months old!) to her paternal grandparents for the first time. It was so affirming and warm and wonderful. We listened to a bunch of great family stories about Gallica's great-great-great-grandparents and beyond and stocked up on love and memories. That, and I got to wear a bikini outside for the first time since I got pregnant. Woo woo! Here I am demonstrating the "Venus de Milo" look.

To get this look in three steps: 1. Chase an activ…