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You Gotta Fight for Your Write

What a year it has been! It's amazing how a baby pops into your life and completely rearranges all your priorities. For example, who knew that I can survive without social media? It's funny how my Facebook feed and my blog have an inverse relationship to how interesting my life is--when a lot is going on, I don't have time to post about it. I used to notice the same thing with journaling as a teenager. (Remember those days before social networks and texting--even before Instant Messenger and even before everyone had email? When kids passed notes in class and wrote in journals with tiny locks on them? Journals filled with nonsense about cute boys and TV shows and only brief mentions of really important things two months after they occurred?)

But through it all, I've managed to add or swap a few words from my first chapter here and there. For anything I can write this year, anything at all during this first year of motherhood, I'm giving myself extra credit. My most …