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Get On Your Duff

Having a baby means that there will never be a good time, ever, to get anything accomplished. I will always be sleep deprived, overtired, busy, and distracted. However, I have discovered my parental superpowers that have lain dormant all these years. In college, I couldn't get through a day without falling asleep in a chair after pulling an all-nighter. These days, I only get two or three hours of sleep at a time, and yet I somehow manage to work the equivalent of a couple full-time jobs taking care of my child and helping bring home the bacon from two employers.

Why not get moving on my novel now, too??

Whether you have kids or not, whether you are in school or have three jobs or an addiction to Warcrack, there will never be a good time to write that novel. Fellow writers, join forces with me this summer! Quit running around. Park that butt in your office chair. Clear your workspace of novel-unrelated sticky notes. Is the baby napping? Are you on break? Commence guerrilla writing…