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Cinderella Nights

Jeannie Miernik, also known as the Genie of the Shell, commands the power to grant her own wishes. This comes in handy now that I have a baby and still no fairy godmother.

One of the difficult things about nursing is that I can't be away from the baby or a breast pump for more than three or four hours. If I want to go to the ball and I manage to get the chores done and dress myself, there is still the threat that when the clock strikes that magical hour, my breasts will turn into pumpkins. Prince Charming might be enchanted by nature's boob job, but there is nothing more uncomfortable than leakage, engorgement, and the fear of a mastitis infection.

Going on a fancy date is still possible, but it takes some careful planning and creativity. Last month, my Prince Charming and I went on our roughly-annual opera date to see The Magic Flute.

Though I don't have a fairy godmother, I do have a wonderful human mother who loves to babysit. I applied a little makeup while pumping milk, and Mr. G and I transformed out of our work clothes with magical speed. I don't have the money or time to go shopping for opera gowns lately, so I put together a few items that I already had to create a new look: a floor-length glittery black gown, a stretchy black corset belt, and a sleeveless ivory silk blouse. I wore the silk blouse over the dress and tucked it into the belt to give the look of a high-waisted black skirt. Ah, it's fun to have a waist again!

The opera was great fun, and the coloratura performing as the Queen of the Night was marvelous. We had a sophisticated and decadent few hours enjoying the performance, from the second row near all the regular patrons in their finery and queenly hats, and as soon as the curtain fell, we made a mad dash for the exit. It felt a little wrong leaping over the red velvet stairs before the curtain call, like we were Catholics skipping out of Mass right after the Eucharist, but we smiled when we saw a few other couples toting little girls in sparkly, frilly dresses doing the same thing. Hey, bedtime is bedtime.

A couple of weeks later, Mr. G and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary by going out to dinner at the same restaurant where we celebrated our third--just before I found out I was pregnant. It was on a weekday evening when Nux Gallica was already with her grandma, so I just changed out of the button-down work shirt I had on over a breezy dress, replaced it with an off-the-shoulder lace top, had a romantic dinner with my charming husband, and came home by sundown.

Our date nights are shorter this year, but that's okay. We're always eager to get back to living happily ever after.


  1. Holy crap, I do not miss the whole breastfeeding thing AT ALL. Or the diapers. Now we just have to find a sitter before we go on a date, but then there's the problem of my daughter being an absolute monster for whoever is watching her. Also, there's the problem of finding the time to go go do anything. And the money. Always something. I love that picture of you looking at your boobs. That just cracks me up even though I know how real all those concerns are. :)

  2. I like the new look of the blog! I'm slowly working on one too...if Jovie ever lets me have a second to myself!

  3. This sounds fantastic :) Congrats on the nice time! And hopefully more to come :D

  4. Michelle, wow! Breastfeeding is no small commitment. I just heard the new recommendation is to do it for TWO YEARS. Wha...? My husband was nursed for three years and thinks that is perfectly reasonable. However, he is not the one with the boobs.

    Lexi, thanks! I switched the template with Juliana sitting in my lap while I bounced her to salsa music. Maybe try that. LOL!

    Thanks, Jessica! It's funny that it feels like a big accomplishment just to go on a date these days. But it makes every moment in life an adventure.

  5. TWO YEARS? Yeah freaking right. It's not for everyone. It certainly wasn't for me. I quit after 3 months with Darcy. My body, my temperament, and her temperament, just did not gel.

  6. What's this I'm hearing...? Mr. G corrects me--he was breastfed FOUR years. His mother should be canonized. I believe four-year-olds have a lot of teeth.

  7. Juan was also breastfed until he was about four years old. Too long!


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