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Notes from Underground Anthology Coming March 1, 2011

The Literary Lab's Notes from Underground Anthology will be available on Tuesday!

I can't tell you how excited I am to get my hands on a copy of this book. And not just because it will be the first time I see one of my own works in print... published by someone else! ...but because as I skimmed through the proof copy of the text, trying not to read others' stories as I scrolled to find mine (I wanted to keep them a surprise until the finished book came out), my eye kept snagging on some of the sharpest, most outstanding sentences and phrases that I've read in a long time.

The Notes from Underground anthology project was a dangerous experiment. The hosts of the Literary Lab selected the contributors based on anonymous writing samples and then gave each writer free reign to submit ANYTHING they wanted to write--no rules, no editing--and promised to publish whatever was submitted.

The result, on first glance, looks truly remarkable. The quality of the writing is impeccab…

Prolific Parent Award: Starr C. in suburbtopia

Today's Prolific Parent Award goes out to a mother whose blog deserved much more attention during the past couple of years, Starr C. in suburbtopia.

Starr is a kick-ass Southern Supermom who posted a year's worth of intellectual discussions on parenting and life in 2009 and 2010. She has been taking a break from the site, but her posts and tweets are absolutely worth browsing. They are passionate, funny, interesting, feminist, thought-provoking, patriotic, proud, highbrow, and always very smart.

Educated (formally or not), intellectual, and philosophical parents, check out Starr's blog roll and the treasure trove of observations and personal stories over in suburbtopia. You won't be disappointed.

Prolific Parent Award: Sarah Adland, Growing and Doing Good Together

It's Awards season! No, I'm not talking about the Academy Awards. In fact, I watched almost no movies this past year, and I hated the ones I saw. Not that they were necessarily bad. A mom friend of mine informed me that pregnancy has that effect on movie viewing experiences.

Pregnancy and childbirth have been amazing, difficult, sometimes horrific, and always awe-inspiring. After a month as a first-time mom, I am affirmed in the opinion that parenting is greatly undervalued. It's hard work (on call 24 hours a day, on active duty every 2-4 hours around the clock; physically demanding; emotionally exhausting; no pay or expense account) and it's essential to the survival of the human race.

I think that's pretty epic.

So I have decided to start honoring parents who take good care of their children and also take the time to write, whether they craft novels, review books, or just post on their blogs every once in awhile.

To writing moms and dads, goddesses and gods of …

Happy Birthday, George Washington!

"I had always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind, to whatever nation they might belong."
-George Washington, letter to Francis Van der Kamp, May 28, 1788
We're working on it, George!

And, some of us never realized you were such a bad ass until Brad Neely created his now-classic educational video about your super powers.

(Warning: foul language and stupid humor ahead.)

I have a TMI.

Hello out there! I've had a pretty quiet internet presence this month, and it isn't all due to sleep deprivation and being too busy with the new baby. Those have been challenging, but there is another barrier to polite conversation that comes along with birth: the TMI factor.

My entire life these days consists of nursing and diaper changing, with rare naps stolen here and there to slow the postpartum bleeding. When visitors come over, I struggle to hold blankets over my shoulders as I feed my ravenous child, and then I rush to change her diaper before anyone gets grossed out. When people ask how I am feeling, I can't honestly answer them without referencing my bathing suit areas. I had a complicated delivery which left me with extreme swelling and countless stitches in a very uncomfortable place--uncomfortable physically and conversationally, especially when family members are here--and if you don't know what "lochia" is, I'll let you Google it--and abov…

Hey, we're still alive!

But she really does bite.

Guess what? I haven't slept more than three hours at a time (usually more like two) in almost three straight weeks. I've been wanting to write posts, but I'm having trouble forming complete sentences these days.

I've always been pretty addicted to sleep, so I'm surprised at how well I'm functioning at this point. Just the other day I was taking minutes on a conference call, eating dinner, and nursing a baby all at the same time. Today, I was changing a diaper and threatening my insurance company with mob justice by the Teamsters over speakerphone simultaneously. I think my maternal superpowers are kicking in!

Still, me no talk pretty. It's hard to think of, uh, words and stuff.

But I have started reading again. Here are two things that have caught my attention these past couple of weeks, both eerily Disney related. I loved, loved, loved Disney when I was a kid. I have always loved fairy tales, fake fairy tales, love stories, pretty…