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2011 Resolutions

Happy 2011! For a minute there I thought I was going to have a 1/1/11 baby. It was a false alarm, but what a dramatic start to the year. Baby is still wrapped up, but she will be coming into our lives any day this month.

This New Year's Eve was a lot different than the last! In 2010, we had a huge house party with a dress code of "formal, yet in poor taste." I was skinny and long-haired and tipsy. We partied until well after midnight and had several guests spend the night.

This year, I still dressed up in a silly fashion, but instead of a party, we had a low-key dinner with another expectant couple and called it a night around 10:00 p.m. We feasted on some delicious homemade, home-harvested and hunted recipes by gardener Molly and her bow-hunting husband. (Even the Baked Chef was highly impressed with the venison sausage roll, squash and pepper pastry, and homemade bread!) I had my hair cut in a new style, and I squeezed my 9-months-pregnant belly into a dress I had cinched with a belt during last year's holiday season.

Obviously, 2011 is going to be very different for me than 2010. My first priority will be family, especially for the first half of the year as I settle into new motherhood. My three-month maternity leave is scheduled to begin in just a week. My life will be filled with new life, new lessons, and finding a new routine, which will change drastically again when I go back to work in the spring. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself to accomplish goals during that time.

But by July, when Tia Esperanza comes to visit, I hope to reclaim more of my pre-baby activities and interests and start to incorporate them back into my life. My 2011 New Years' Resolutions are:

1. Save $200/month, in addition to automatic contributions to retirement and the baby's college fund. It would be good to have more of an emergency savings fund than we have right now, considering the expansion of our family! Many bizarre collectibles will be listed on eBay to help achieve this goal.

2. Plant and nurture 300 square feet of garden. This is a resolution copied from 2010, which didn't work out so well, owing mostly to pregnancy and a hungry woodchuck, neither of which will get in the way this year! I hope to have a far greater harvest than the past couple of years so that I can make a good quantity of fresh baby food for Nux Gallica.

3. Resume belly dance as a postpartum fitness program as soon as my body has healed enough from childbirth. I have no more specific goals than to make sure I get some dancing practice in each week, but I hope to learn a few things from Tia Esperanza in July!

4. Complete a first readable draft of my fantasy novel Briars and Black Hellebore and send it to beta readers by the end of the year. Thank you, author and mom Michelle Davidson Argyle, for giving me encouragement that I can do this, even with a baby! With any luck, Nux Gallica will be like me and Mr. G and start sleeping through the night after a couple of months. I hope to feel comfortable enough with motherhood by summer that I can start devoting several hours each week to writing again.


  1. Happy New Year! Go easy on yourself if you don't get out to that garden... when my son was born, my garden went to crap that first year. I was just exhausted (and had massive postpartum depression).

  2. Good luck with your goals!

    I love both your photos, how cute you look with your baby-belly :)

  3. Looking forward to belly dancing, holding Ms Nux G, and weeding and watering the garden! Love you!

    PS you're still a saucy little minx in that dress, 9 months pregnant and all! Damn!

  4. You still look fantastic, even in your 9th month. Ah, the beauty of love and pregnancy! I wish you a very happy new year. May your goddess bless you with a healthy child and an abundant and rich life.

  5. Even pregnant you look beautiful!

    Best wishes for the new year and the safe birth of your daughter.

    I'm sending my own daughter a link to your post from the 31st about pregnancy and belly dancing - she's been trying to get pregnant for several months and is becoming discouraged.

  6. Thanks, Dark Mother! I have this idyllic vision of taking my baby out into the garden with me wearing a big floppy hat and listening to birds sing, but something tells me it might not work out EXACTLY that way. I hope my back yard, at the very least, doesn't become a nuisance to the neighbors. I don't even want to talk about the Year of the Thistle.

    Thank you, WC, Esperanzita, and Marie! It will be good to have Tia Esperanza over in July. :D

    CR: Best of luck to your daughter. I don't know if dancing will help her to conceive, but it will help prepare her body for pregnancy when the time comes. It takes most women a few months of trying. Belly dancing is a fun way to fill the time and get to know your body while waiting for that test result.

  7. I know you're going to do awesome! And I can't wait to read your book! And see your baby. :D

  8. Thanks, Michelle! I hope to be able to show you both of them within the year. ;)

  9. All the good vibes and faith in the world that you can complete your resolutions. Besides, you completed the biggest 2010 one of all....BABY!!!!! I can't wait until little Jovie settles more so I can write more during the day instead of watching reruns of "That 70's Show." :)

  10. Thanks, Lexi! Oh no, That 70s Show? I like to watch South Park on my laptop... I wonder how long I can get away with that before the baby gets old enough to try imitating words.


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