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Sparkly Winners!

This congratulatory message to NaNoWriMo winners may seem late, but my local group's TGIO party just happened a few days ago. So congratulations, all you winners!

Special congratulations to Miss Moppet, who suffers from a rare NaNoWriMo curse which causes the entire universe to conspire against her in November. The curse is, happily, no match for Miss Moppet's creative powers and insomniac tendencies, and she emerges victorious--with extremely fabulous eyeshadow this year.

Here she is at a celebratory brunch, sparkling with creative genius. Of course, all NaNoWriMo "novels" are piles of literary garbage on the First of December, but the act of participating tends to spark all kinds of whimsy and creative impulses. In Miss M's case, her brain started kicking out all sorts of clever names--for characters and for eyeshadow palettes. And what does eyeshadow have to do with NaNoWriMo? Sparkles, of course! Last year, a friend came up with a motivational treat to reward Miss M for a word count milestone: sparkly cupcakes. The sparkles remind us writers that even if we have an idea that seems silly or stupid (like, um, sparkly vampires?), there's no harm in writing about it anyway--and who knows? That silly idea could "spark" an enormous following if enough other people like it. At the very least, it will almost certainly lead to more creative ideas and inspirations.

Miss Moppet went on a naming spree this year that began with the first two characters in her NaNo draft, Flux Fluoxetine and Tess Turducken, which came to her in a dream. (How else?) Along with the string of hilarious character names that followed came a slew of names for eye makeup looks. Here are a few highlights:

 "A Midsummer Night's Gleam"

 "Bellini in a Bottle"

 "Key Lime Sigh"

"Sunset over Lake Michigan"

Loves it! I participated in NaNoWriMo last year and came up with a delightful story that I sketched out and developed further over the next few months. It's a project I hope to pick up again once the Pregnancy Brain wears off... perhaps in the late summer of 2011, when I hope and wish and pray that my baby will sleep through most of the nights and I can have my wits back.

While other writers did NaNoWriMo this year, I just kept growing my baby. I can only have one major priority at this moment in my life, but I did take advantage of the writerly event to attend one of the meetings, check in on others' progress, and leech some of the creative spirit of the month to complete a short piece for the Literary Lab's next Genre Wars anthology. Meanwhile, I grew a baby. My husband, Mr. G, has made me feel like a winner for the past eight months for carrying this baby around, nurturing her growth, and preparing our home for her debut this winter. Below is a picture of us getting ready for Mr. G's work holiday party. With sparkles.

And because Baby G is a winner this month for getting her act together and finally putting her head down, here is a video of her dancing to her favorite song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Does this count as a belly dance? I wanted to post one of those this month, but these days Baby G seems to have a lot more energy than her mother. Oh well.

Congratulations also to the following NaNoWriMo winners:

Meika, who is still Waiting on the Muse
Anastasia at Labotomy of a Writer
Summer ...and this time, concentrate! (That's the name of her blog, not a tip from me!)
Carol with her Random Writings
Dominique en Violet
John Smith, which is just a pen name
Erica at

Who else is a NaNoWriMo winner? Don't be shy! Post a comment with a link to your own blog so we can all bask in your sparkly success.


  1. I have a feeling she just wants to punch that giraffe. She told me she's damn tired of hearing that same song, play some damn Green Day already. And make it the old stuff, Warning and older.

    Yay for all the winners, it certainly is no small feat to get all that writing done! Phew!

    Needless to say, a big sparkly congrats to you and to Beeb Nux G for getting all up in it! My somewhat Mexican sirenita! She'll be singing you songs and luring you out of bed in no time!

  2. Very fun! Congrats to all of the finishers. And I hope the creative sparkles hang around for months to come.
    I'm forgiving myself and my pregnancy brain for not giving NaNoWriMo a real try for the first time this year. (I'm thrilled that I just found my keys after a week of looking!!!)

    Love that baby belly dance. Get the creative out however it comes these days :)

  3. Esperanzita: It really is hard to tell, but I feel like her more aggressive thrashes (like when I sneeze or when she gets the hiccups) are the angry ones. Unless Baby G only gets mildly annoyed, but violently happy. You never know!

    Molly: Yeah, we have a good reason not to participate in something that causes monthlong insomnia and high stress! I kept setting things down in the kitchen this morning and then demanding that my husband tell me where they were. Pregnancy brain is no joke! I forgive both of us for not writing novels at this time. :D

  4. Thanks for the shout-out. Hope to see you at Gone Wired soon! And the vid was so cute, thanks for sharing :)

  5. Thanks for thinking of me. You're so nice.
    Those are some lovely shades of eyeshadow.

  6. I love the eye shadows, their names are just beautiful :D


  7. Your sparkly baby bump is adorable! And by next summer, you'll definitely have your wits about you... they may be sleep deprived, but they'll be there.

    I finished Nano by the skin of my teeth this year, mostly to distract myself from spilling the news about my own baby-bump-to-be. Now the first draft is down, some serious research is about to commence, and the baby growing is in full swing. Yea!

  8. Congratulations, Sarah!!! On the NaNo win and especially on the new addition to your beautiful family! There should be a special award for women who win NaNoWriMo while in the exhausing first trimester of pregnancy. Amazing!

  9. PS Your Mexican family LOVED the video, and asked to watch it twice!


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