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Bright Baby Room

My baby shower is coming up this weekend, and the nursery is ready! Little Nux Gallica will sleep in a bassinet in the master bedroom with me and Mr. G for the first six months, but right away the nursery will be a place for nursing, playing, dressing, and reading books.

So, welcome to the baby room! We decided to go with a bright, sunshiny color scheme and a nature theme. Although the colors are vivid, we were able to purchase them in low-VOC paint at Sherwin Williams. We also painted while the weather was warm enough to have the windows open, and we had help from my parents to get the job done quickly. The curtains are homemade.

The birds on the wall are removable latex decals. Both they and the birds on the windows (with real feather tails) are sold at craft stores like JoAnn Fabrics.

The decorations in the entrance area are all handmade Mexican works with animist symbolism. The jaguar is a wise guardian spirit.

The futon will be a comfortable place to nurse, or for Grandma to sleep if she visits overnight. In a few years, it will make a great toddler bed. The baby animal watercolors are original paintings by Grandma! Outside this window is a view of the three apple trees I planted in the spring. Maybe by the time Baby G can see that far away, they will have blossoms on them.

The dresser is a weathered antique that I had in my room when I was a little girl. That giraffe on top of it has a windup music box inside that plays Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. My mom (Grandma!) bought it for me on a trip to Target. It was too cute to pass up.

The pony is a hand-me-down from one of Mr. G's coworkers. The women who work with him at the airport think he's just so cute and are so thrilled that he's having a baby that they keep giving him their hand-me-down toys and supplies. Very sweet!

 The closet is already starting to gather gifts from both grandmothers...

 ...and I've cleaned off the upper shelves to store things our daughter might want later, like big-girl toys, books, games, and musical instruments.

 Already, I'm starting to fill the dresser drawers with gifts, too!

The sweetest ones are handmade. A friend of my mother's assured us that baby ponchos are "all the rage" right now.

A basket underneath the raised dresser holds a few toys and foam books that Gallica might enjoy right away. (I know my barn door's open, don't worry.)

I am so excited about our little girl's arrival this winter! Now, to see if I can make the rest of my house this tidy and cute. I feel a wave of nesting instinct coming on.


  1. Love the colors and design. So full of of light and energy. And that picture of the panda is the coolest thing ever.

  2. That room is adorable! I wish I'd had such a cool room when I was a kid!

    Have you thought of any names yet?

  3. Oh my goodness! CUTE!!!!!!!! Darcy's room looked all cute at first, I remember. It didn't last past the first year, lol. Now it's a mess all the time. I'm jealous of those beautiful walls! :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by! :D

    Nevets: I am so geeked that my mom happened to have baby animal watercolors lying around from when she used to sell them. The one you can't see very well, on the green wall, is a set of baby toucans on a branch. And I have another baby panda picture to hang later. My mom was about to throw them in the trash, if you can believe it. She said, "We can buy wall art at Target!" Crazy talk.

    Meika: We have a name picked out! I'm keeping it a little quiet online, but if I see you at a NaNo meeting, I'll fill you in. ;)

    Michelle: Yeah... I'm thinking the picture-perfection is not going to last long! Especially because my (wonderful, loving, and very excited) mother-in-law has been shipping us metric tons of Mr. G's old baby items, and I have no idea where all the stuff will go.

  5. Ah, yes, hand me downs and gifts from everyone. There is no set space for it all, I'll promise you that. My advice: Buy lots of big totes - either the cute open ones covered with material or the more practical rubbermaid ones that can stack. They are a lifesaver when it comes to storing old clothes and all the newer toys she gets for birthdays and Christmas. You can never have enough toys...and the totes make it easy to organize it all. IKEA has a great item that's a shelf with these open containers that slide in. Perfect for toys and easy for baby to help clean up when she gets a bit older. :)

    I'm just rambling. Don't feel like you have to take any of the advice, but I'm happy to let you know stuff that has worked for me. It's all stuff people told me about and I picked what would work for us. Good luck!

  6. Michelle: Hecks yeah, I registered for a whole closet organizing system that I am going to run out and buy if I don't get it as a shower gift. I'm getting kind of intense about organizing as the stuff piles up. A few (appreciated in thought) gifts--not ones from the MIL--have gone in the trash or bins to give away on Freecycle. I feel very fortunate to be showered (literally, it feels like) with all this generosity, but Stuff Management has become a top priority! I don't understand people who asked why I didn't invite more people to my baby shower so I could get more loot. I feel like if I get much more stuff, I'll be in danger of losing my actual baby in it!

  7. I understand that more than you know. Advice even comes more than gifts. Learn how to tune most of it out. :)

    *this comment is ironic*

  8. Oh, it sounds like you're in the NESTING period of pregnancy!

  9. LOL! Irony noted.

    Funny thing is, I haven't had to deal with the usual barrage of advice or belly-groping like most pregnant women report. Maybe I come off as intimidating, but most people are extremely reluctant to offer me any advice or touch my person. I have to grab people's hands and mash them on my belly when the baby is kicking, or they won't get near me.

    But maybe it isn't me--maybe it's just that I don't know very many women who have had children, so they're less likely to be comfortable getting in my business about it. I think pregnancy actually frightens some of my friends!

    As a result, I don't mind getting pointers from women who have been through it all.

  10. Move to Utah. You will feel like a squish-me doll.

  11. That's a beautiful nursery! :D

  12. What a beautiful design. Nesting at its best. I wish I had such a gorgeous nursery for my son when he was born; yours is so pretty and I love the colors.

  13. The nursery looks beautiful! These photos take me back to when my children were babies. Look out - she'll be a teenager before you know it. Eeek!

  14. Oh, it's all so lovely and inviting! I just know she's going to love it all!

  15. I love it. It's so colorful and pretty. :)


    I'm going to squish the hell out of the baby, when she's here! I'm saving up my squishing energy. :3

    I cannot wait to hold the little nut in my loving brown arms! I will bring a rebozo almost the color of the room for her to snuggle in. She will be held like my grandma held her babies! And there will be belly dancing!

    Cannot wait to see you all next year! Baby ponchos are also very in here, too...but we are in Mexico.

    Damn hippies.

  17. Congratulations on your coming bundle of joy!! :) Your little princess is going to have a beautiful room to grow up and dream in. I love the colors on the wall - so calming yet vibrant.

  18. Michelle: Haha, hmmmm, I don't think I will. I have a new theory that people in Michigan are freaked out by reproduction because our economy is so bad. If that keeps them from grabbing me like a squeaky toy, fine with me.

    Ashley, Marie, Susan, WC, Dominique, and Julie: Thank you! I hope Baby G loves it. I can't believe how many squealingly adorable things I got at the baby shower. I'll have to take more pictures when they're all put away. It feels like Christmas or something.

    Tia Esperanza: SQUEEEEEZE! She will love to be squished into a rebozo and belly danced around the house. In a poncho! Or not, because it will be summer. But I can't wait for you to meet her! :)


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