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Third Quarter Review

More than 3/4 of this year is over already! One nice thing about posting my New Years' Resolutions online is that I have no excuse for forgetting them. I posted a set of ridiculously ambitious goals that have already been amended at my First and Second Quarter Reviews, and now I will report on how those are going. At the Second Quarter Review, my unresolved resolutions were:

1. Complete and edit Parts I and II of the first draft of Sleeping Beauty and the Beast of Vepreskastel. Revise the manuscript with the help of local writers' groups and beta readers.

Status: Indefinitely postponed; replaced with smaller goal. Sometimes completing some of our goals faster than expected poses an obstacle for others. The early completion of goal #4 (see below) has changed my priorities for the year and also given me such a generous dose of progesterone that my brain is incapable of focusing on a large project such as a novel. I decided that it would be better to put this one off until next year and, instead, complete a smaller side project that is due in December: my submission to the Notes from Underground anthology produced by the Literary Lab. My contribution will be related to my novel but not part of it. Instead, it will be a series of letters written among a set of minor characters.

2. Farm at least 300 square feet of my lawn.
Status: I did the best I could! For awhile there, my garden was so promising, and we had just begun to harvest the first crops by my Second Quarter Review. I had a record potato harvest thanks to some nice seed potatoes from fellow pregnant gardener Molly. But then it got ridiculously hot, and I was pregnant, and then a very adorable woodchuck who lives under the shed decided this was the year he was going to dig a hole under the fence and decimate everything. The little pig didn't just nibble my tomatoes. He ate all the plants down to the dirt, including the cornstalks! He is so fluffy and chubby and lovable now from all that great nutrition. I just want to roast him in a pot and make a stuffed animal for my baby out of him. Wouldn't that be sweet?

The only thing the little bugger didn't devour, for whatever reason, was my basil plant. It grew into a robust shrub about four feet tall. I was thinking about digging it up to overwinter it indoors, but my lovely houseguest Esperanzita and the Baked Chef, in a fit of culinary passion, stripped the entire plant of its leaves to make a large quantity of delicious pesto. But the Baked Chef kindly saved the seed pods so that I can plant them next year.

UPDATE: I am now happy that I did not exterminate the woodchuck, because, I kid you not, a freaking bobcat tore through the yard the other day and nailed that tubby sucker behind the neighbor's bush (we're pretty sure). I now feel really awesome about having fattened up a delicious meal for a badass predator which I didn't know existed in my part of the state. Karma's a bobcat!

3. Re-roof my house.

Status: Indefinitely postponed. We installed a new bathroom fan and vent, and Mr. G repaired the chimney with my dad. But a couple of experts told us that although our roof was ugly, it was still solid and does not need replacement yet, so we gratefully decided to hold off a couple more years. Porch renovation will have to wait until after the baby is born, because apparently cement and other chemicals needed for the project are dangerous teratogens. Maybe next spring!

4. Try for a baby.

Status: Baby G is on her way! The stork is en route. The nursery has been painted. The registry madness has begun.

The prenatal vitamins have done wonders for my nails, and Auntie Esperanzita has come all the way from Mexico to decorate them and rub my belly. Ironically, this is the "resolution" that wasn't quite fair because it wasn't entirely within my control. It was more of a wish, but it is coming true beautifully.

4a.Build our emergency savings fund to cover three months of expenses.

Status: In progress. You know how it goes. You start building a significant cushion, and then the car breaks down and costs $1500 to fix. But we still have over a month in savings, which will come in handy when the baby arrives and we take some unpaid time off this winter.

4b. Go to caffeine rehab.

Status: Complete. But my addiction remains. Now that fall has arrived and my early pregnancy nausea has passed, I am craving like mad. Some days, I have a 1/4 cup of coffee with lots of milk in it. They say a pregnant woman can have up to two cups a day, but that seems like way too much for my little Nux Gallica to handle!

4c. Work out at least three times a week, including continuing my belly dance "lessons" and leading into prenatal belly dance.

Status: On track. I have been using three prenatal exercise videos at least once a week each: Complete Pregnancy Fitness with Erin O'Brien, Prenatal Bellydance with Naia, and an old '90s DVD called Baby & Mom Prenatal Yoga. And I'm feeling great and not experiencing any swelling or varicose veins yet, so I think I'm benefiting.

By the end of the year, I'll be ready to pop! I hope I will have completed a good story for the Literary Lab's anthology by that time and also be ready, physically, emotionally, and financially, for my new arrival.

How about your resolutions? Do you remember what they were, and if so, how are they coming along?


  1. You look lovely! I love the video....

  2. Awww, thanks! Someday I will take a real dance lesson and learn how to not have floppy hands. For now, I'll just have fun and give Baby G a good ride. :)

  3. One trick to help with the hands is to think of Popsicle stick segments taped between every joint. They allow fluid movement at the joints, but enough support to stop the flopping.

    Alternatively, you can think of your finger tips as having laser beams coming out of them so that you are always deliberate with how you move them, even when wiggling them.

    Or you can take the physical approach and tense the muscles on the inside of your wrist and the back of your hand. (Cocking your wrist helps with this.)

    I mean. So I've heard.

  4. You look great in the video! :D And I've never thought of making quarterly goals; what a neat idea. ^^

    When I was pregnant I sometimes had a cup of coffee, but my big thing? Cherry Coke. O_O! I was working at Subway, and I swear at the end of my pregnancy the child had to be swimming in Coke.

  5. Uh, wow, Nevets, thanks for the advice! I wouldn't have guessed you were knowledgeable on this subject. ;)

    Ashley: Mmm, I loved Cherry Coke as a teenager. I rarely drink soda anymore (sugar bothers my stomach), but I want a triple latte so bad right now. I'm afraid if I drank one, Baby G would get so hyper she'd punch right through my abdomen, Twilight-style. Hahaha. She's getting strong in there.

  6. Yay for Baby G! According to superstition, the qualities of the people who rub the mother's belly transfer to the child. Might be worth knowing, if you run across someone particular smart or sexy. ;) I've also heard that touching the stomach of a pregnant woman is good luck, so yay for Aunt Esperanzita as well.

  7. Cool, Dominique! If that's true, my baby is going to be incredible, because a lot of fabulous people have rubbed this belly. :D Smart people, creative people, beautiful people, kind people. And my husband is particularly smart and sexy, so she has that going for her. ;)

  8. Congrats on the baby. Those little buggers sure do change goals and plans, but in a very good way!
    As for the caffeine I hear you on that. I seriously cut back to a cup or less a day, but found myself craving soda (which I hate). I think my body was craving it.

  9. You have accomplished SO much! If you had really done ALL that on your list I would call you not human. So you're doing great and I'm glad you're human. You look so great! Keep at it and good luck with the rest!

  10. My goodness! I'm with Michelle, suspecting you of superpowers. Which means you'll make a great mom.

  11. Thanks, MLR! I am looking forward to this most exciting of "projects."

    And thanks, Michelle and Anne! No superpowers here, but I have been lucky with the hormones. At worst, I feel sleepy and absent-minded; at best, I feel extraordinarily optimistic and calm. I hope it lasts after the baby is born... I might not accomplish all my goals, but at least this progesterone (aka "nature's Valium") is making me feel OK about it.

  12. What a fun post! Goals are so great. Love the dancing. You're such a cutie.

  13. Aw that's awesome, congratulations on the baby!

    It's such a great idea to post your resolutions up here and then let us know about the progress. You must feel such a sense of accomplishment will all the ones you've done, and so much motivation for the rest!

  14. I popped over here because of your name! It sounded very familiar ;)

    Am a new follower... congratulations on your exciting news! What a great list!

  15. By the way, there's an award for you on my blog. :)

  16. Following Dominique over from her blog...
    Congrats and good luck with the baby!


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