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Cinnamon for the Roses

It's funny how my internet research on healthful, organic living (for me and Baby G) and on medieval times (for my novel) often overlap. I wouldn't want to live in the "dark ages," but ironically, there was plenty of wisdom and knowledge around at that time that is often overlooked in modern times.

Like the medicinal and gardening uses for various essential oils, herbs, and spices.

Today, I checked online to confirm what I had heard about the antifungal properties of cinnamon. Turns out cinnamon is a good antifungal, as well as a good antibacterial and antiviral agent.

This is great news for me, because the roses in front of my house look like hell this summer. The poor things! It's been blazing hot this year. Usually I enjoy the heat, but pregnant, I cannot handle it. On most days I can't be outside for more than five minutes at a time, which means that my gardens have been sorely neglected. I was able to harvest a basketful of potatoes and garlic this afternoon (yay, something edible survived!), but that was about all I could take.

On top of desperately needing water and pruning, my poor roses are blighted with fungus. And there is no way that as a pregnant woman (or even later, as the mother of a small child) that I will be spraying those roses with toxic chemicals. I want my baby to be able to nuzzle into those roses and smell that old-fashioned aroma of classic, fresh roses without getting poisoned. So the roses will either be treated organically or dug out and replaced with an herb garden. (This is my mother's idea. She hates roses. But I digress.)

Happily, I may have found a solution to the fungal problem in cinnamon. The moment the temperature drops below 78 degrees, I'll be out there pruning, watering, and sprinkling cinnamon on the leaves. What a yummy treat. Bonus: Cinnamon also repels ants.

Now, I wonder if Brother Basil would have used cinnamon to treat the plants in the royal gardens of Vepreskastel...


  1. That's brilliant! I didn't know cinnamon was good for roses. Cinnamon Rose. It sounds like an interesting title. Being the cinnamon-a-holic that I am, I'd be quite drawn to a title like that.

  2. Wow, thanks for posting the info about cinnamon. That's really useful.
    Also, I'm glad your garlic survived, because, in my opinion, garlic is a wonderful thing that should be applied liberally to lots of food. Plus, you and your baby will be safe from vampires. ;)

  3. Keri: Mmm, me too. This post made me want a cinnamon roll real bad!

    Dominique: Yes, garlic is good for so many things, isn't it? :) It's also a disinfectant and immune system booster. However, I must admit that I like it better when my husband gnaws on things like ginger or cinnamon for his health instead of eating raw garlic cloves. That doesn't JUST keep vampires away... it works on wives, too.

  4. I never that about cinnamon!

    And, oh, I hear you about the blasted heat. When I had Darcy, I was pregnant in the hottest months, and of course it was a record summer for heat. Two weeks with temps over 100. I seriously thought I was going to DIE. :(

    Good luck and drink lots and lots of fluids!


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