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I'm not outdated. I'm vintage.

When the heck did everything I liked as a teen become retro?!?

Safety pins, grunge, graffiti t-shirts, Du Hast, raver pants, ironically worn Catholic schoolgirl pleated skirts... Oh my.

I went to see Rent this past weekend. The friend who invited me insisted that we dress like extras in the play, so I squished into a pair of black leather pants I found at a thrift store, paired them with a tank top I bought from an Iranian Rastafarian (yeah, whaaaat?) in Key West, a pair of tarnished butterfly earrings from Claire's a decade and a half ago, and an attempt at the wild bedhead 'do I rocked in 1997.

I felt just like a high school girl! ...Except with gray hair showing in my roots and... are those wrinkles starting?!?

It was the first time I'd ever seen Rent, even though it's based off one of my favorite operas, La Boheme. I'm glad I hadn't seen it and loved it in high school, because my heart probably would have broken just now over how DATED it looks and sounds. Good Lord.

Seeing a live performance always gets me in the mood to do something creative. I rarely get out to see plays or concerts these days, but when I do, it's like a shot of inspiration. It doesn't even matter if the show was good or if I liked it. Just seeing people in the act of creation makes me want to create something, too. (Ugh, someone please slap One Song Glory out of my head before I scream.)

This play, in particular, just about threw me into a panic. Here were kids younger than myself, acting in a play that came out in my so-called glory days, which is cool to them because it's RETRO. I simultaneously felt intense pressure to create something cool before I get "old" and to have a baby before it's too late. They're kind of the same feeling, now that I think about it.

Back to work on my novel!!

What inspires you, friends? Has anything ever made you panic about picking up the pace, without crushing your enthusiasm for your work?


  1. WHoa. I just watched Synecdoche, NY, the movie. It will get you moving. That, or you'll curl into a ball on your couch for days. It made me do a little of both.
    I love the theatre, too. Going to art museums and shows is what gets me going. Reading biographies of interesting people always inspires me.

  2. I love the fact that I look better now than I did before in above mentioned "What's old is new again" My life is rad. I'mma bust out my hoochie school girl skirt. Here I go, bitches!


  3. I think it is depressing..." these kids" today don't know how good they have it. I had to walk uphill ten miles in the snow to get my jelly shoes...

  4. Molly: I've never heard of Synecdoche, NY. Might have to check it out. Going to see plays and movies almost feels like a waste of time going in, but I NEVER regret the experience by the end. Even if it sucked, it was STILL good, you know??

    Esperanzita: Yes, Madame. We all worship your Benjamin Buttonesque youthful gorgeousness. And yes, I have had gray hairs coming in since high school. But not as many as Mr. G or our old friend Toby, who are all salt-and-pepper already. We've always been ahead of the curve!

    RetroKali: BOTH WAYS! And we all know how functional those jelly shoes are on long hikes in the snow! But I think it's even more horrifying to tell kids these days that we didn't have TEXTING. We had to write notes on paper and physically pass them if we wanted to dink around in class.

  5. Wow! I've seen the movie RENT but I haven't seen the play yet.

    Haha about passing notes. I remember that, and folding them into intricate little squares. I loved that!

  6. By "Du Hast," do you mean the Rammstein song? Cuz that's just awesome. I confess, I've made my coworkers' ears bleed playing Rammstein in my office. They love me anyway.

    And... yeah. Like, Pearl Jam and Nirvana are classic rock now. Wha...? I feel old and crusty.

    I can still headbang, though, so there's that.

  7. I didn't mean to come across as a vain cooze, that's just what comes naturally, sorry. My grandma always said my greasy skin would keep me young looking for a long time. She was SO! RIGHT!

    *slathers herself with vitamin E*

    I think that Tobs and Justin as silver foxes will be so. Damn. SEXY.

    I still remember the day I walked into Toby's house and her moms hair was all silver and just so damn beautiful. I thought she looked younger that way, with her hair all grey than she ever did when she dyed her hair.

  8. Simon: Yes, I mean Rammstein. Du Hast isn't my fave song, but it was how I first learned of the band. To be honest, my obsession with Rammstein borders on psychotic, and I try not to talk about it too much. Let's just say... It's a good thing they're skipping the States on the three-year tour they've got going on right now, or else I'd probably stow away inside one of their fifteen pyrotechnic trucks and disappear forever. It's cool... I can speak German, but only in fragments of Rammstein lyrics. Reise, Reise, Fahrvergn├╝gen!

  9. Lady G: Oh, how I loved the note origami. There were the booby-trapped ones, so you would know if it was intercepted. There were notes shaped like swans and roses with secret codes along the fold lines. Ahh, high school. I'm pretty sure my next novel will be a 1990s Catholic school flashback.

    Esperanzita: I plan on rocking the silver hair someday. But NOT before I finish a book!

  10. You will also be a hot, published silver fox, darling. And of course, your silver will come way after your first book is published.

    Me, on the other hand I plan on rockin' this wig in colors not found in nature. I'm thinking lime green, bugambilia, and lavender.

  11. That will be P effin' R. And gray hair can hold those bright colors without being bleached.


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