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2010 Quarterly Review

I made some pretty ambitious New Year's Resolutions back in January, and now we're about one quarter into the year. Did anybody else make big resolutions? Do you remember what yours were? I do, but only because I posted them! I'm a list maker, which helps with my absent-mindedness. Now let's see how I'm doing so far. My resolutions were:

1. Instate the Marchesa Luisa di Casati as one of my highest muses for fashion, beauty, attitude, artistic appreciation, and writing inspiration.

Status: In progress. After inviting the Marchesa to be one of my muses this year, she crept into my WIP, Sleeping Beauty and the Beast of Vepreskastel, and began to possess the body of one of my secondary characters, Vera, a girl with homely looks, humble beginnings, and a major attitude. In Part II, Vera is expected to receive a fierce makeover from a conspiratorial troupe of gypsies. That is all I can say for now.

Other muses followed the Marchesa into my work, inlcuding Brigitte Bardot (in the role of Princess Rosemarie) and Rachel Bryce (in the form of Bellynda, nomadic dancer and amateur witch).

2. Complete and edit the first draft (which comes after the '09 NaNoWriMo sketch) of Sleeping Beauty and the Beast of Vepreskastel. Revise the manuscript with the help of local writers' groups and conferences until it is ready to submit to agents. While waiting for rejection letters, continue working on my other unfinished novels, APPLES FOR THE PIE and ROSALINA'S DRAGON. Continue to fantasize about seeing my stories in print, on bookstore shelves.

Status: In progress. I had hoped to be somewhere in the middle of Part II by now, and I am only on Chapter 5. Chapter 6 will be the final piece of Part I. I have officially set aside Apples for the Pie until a later time... maybe much later, like after I raise children... but Rosalina's Dragon is next in line. I may use material from Rosalina's Dragon to write a short story after I complete Part I of my current WIP. (RD is not a fantasy book, as it sounds.) My publication fantasies have been adjusted to include affordable eBooks.

3. Organize my analog library of books and music.

Status: Complete. Look, I finished something already! All of our CDs are on the shelves, alphabetized, united with their cover art and inserts. How quaint. Our books are arranged by subject and genre, with fiction books ordered alphabetically by author. Duplicates and unwanted books have been donated. Empty shelf space has been decorated with Buddha figurines, framed photos, antique teacups, and other cute bric-a-brac.

4. Farm at least 300 square feet of my lawn.

Status: In progress. So far so good! 300 square feet of earth has been prepared, and nearly 100 square feet are planted. Three apple trees have been installed in the front yard. More seedlings are sprouting in boxes on my kitchen table. A very robust cabbage has resurrected itself, without any effort on my part, in my front flower bed. I appreciate its initiative.

5. Re-roof my house.

Status: Hopeful. It's not quite the season to get started yet, but my parents have voiced a willingness to help out. That's a start.

6. Try for a baby.

Status: Don't rush me!! This is a huge endeavor. So far, I have won Mr. G over to the idea. Next comes, well, getting down to business. I broke down the necessary steps (besides the obvious) into sub-goals.

6a. Build our emergency savings fund to cover three months of expenses.
Status: In progress. The student loan debts are heavy, but we are managing to sock away about $200 per month. We're not quite up to two months' worth of expenses, but we're making progress, slow and steady.
6b. Go to caffeine rehab.

Status: Failed. Trying again. This is so hard. I'm down to one cup a day, and I'll be dropping to a half cup (or one shot of espresso) this weekend. When I finally kick it, I'm going to whiten my teeth to help prevent relapse. Kind of like painting your nails when you want to stop chewing them.

7c. Work out at least three times a week, including continuing my belly dance "lessons" and leading into prenatal belly dance.

Status: Mostly on track. I was on a roll until we took a vacation and then got horribly sick for a couple of weeks. Now I'm trying to build my skill and muscle tone back up to last summer's glorious fitness level. Occasionally, I have Mr. G film my practice sessions so I can see what I need to work on. No, I will not be posting videos here. At least, not until I get better at it!

Wow, that's better than I had feared! I'm moving right along, trying to get the most out of my late 20s before I have to become a fully serious grownup. (That's a requirement at age 30, right?)

How have your New Year's resolutions fared so far?


  1. Holy crap!!!! I wish my tummy looked like that! Well, I've had a child, and I blame it all on that I guess.

    I think your goals are fantastic, and it's great that you've got such a head start on so many of them.

    So what do you mean by offering affordable ebooks? Care to expound?

  2. Hee hee! My belly got in that shape after 3 months of half-assed, internet belly dance lessons. I'm trying to get super strong now, because I understand that stretched skin and scars are the price of having a baby. I thought, "Damn, better take a picture now."

    I DO care to expound on the ebook thing. It's mainly because I've been reading this author's blog:

    An author acquaintance of mine is finding himself in a strange situation after getting a publishing contract and releasing a book--His publicist is too busy to set him up any book signing ops, but he isn't ALLOWED to do any all by himself. He's not allowed to go into a bookstore and promote the book without the publicist's permission. That's so mind-blowingly stupid.

    And I just heard an NPR piece about cheaply priced ebooks and POD books often making authors many times more money than traditional publishing. I can only hope that the publishing industry gets with the program sometime in the near future... while I'm finishing up my manuscript. :) Get ready, here I come!

  3. Yes, I have stretch marks. Not pretty.

    That's really interesting about the ebook thing. I think it's a fantastic idea, although I don't think that there's a huge percentage of writers who make it big off ebooks. A very small percentage, I'm sure. Still, I think it's a good route to take if you don't want to deal with traditional publishing - which I'm more and more wondering if I really want to go down that road.

    My Cinderella story is something I'm planning on "self publishing" since it's just a novella.

    I just finished your Cinderella story. It was LOVELY! I left a comment on the last part.

  4. I am also jealous of your stomach. Mine has NEVER looked like that. I'm blaming genetics.

    My New Year's resolutions were to lose weight (12 pounds so far, but no where near where I want to be), read more (not accomplishing that, but I did just join a book club), be nicer to people (I think I am? At least I'm not being an outright huge bitch to people), and stop smoking (yeah, not so much).

    Good luck on your continued endeavors!

  5. I made some silent resolutions, which is the problem. Making silent resolutions is a mistake, lol. I love that you just put yours out there, it helps with accountability.


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