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Irony of the Week: Unshopping is so hot right now.

Have y'all read the April issue of Glamour? I love this magazine. Don't judge me. I just think it's funny that a fashion magazine (which makes most of its money selling ad space for products that nobody really needs) is covering the trendiness of being eco-conscious, health-conscious, and non-consumerist.

See that little cover headline down by Zoe's hip? It says "Everyday Habits that Save You $1000 (And Help the Planet, Too)." This article basically boils down to stuff I've been saying for years: Don't buy stupid crap you don't need. Prepare your own food and/or go vegetarian whenever possible.

Other gems of wisdom in this issue include using natural home-cures instead of pharmaceuticals and a great free tip: Supposedly having sexual fantasies boots analytical thinking skills. Sinful thoughts make you smarter. Who knew?

Thanks, Glamour! Usually Monday is my grocery shopping day, but I'm skipping this time. Off I go to stick my hands in some homemade bread dough, sip hot tea with honey and lemon for my cold, and daydream about Mr. G while he's at work. It will be a good Monday.


  1. How ironic that unshopping is the new black in Glamour! Love it! I am slowly becoming an unshopper partly for budget reasons but mostly for the sake of my kids. We have cable and only one TV (if a TV is going into someone's room it's going into MY room...not the kiddos!) but I've banned the kids from watching anything not on PBS. I had enough of Big J asking me for the latest expensive piece of plastic crap being advertised on Nickelodeon. Plus, the last thing I want is for my kids to learn about life based on what MTV has to offer. It made me having kids to realize the absolute commercialism in this world so kuddos to you for making changes on your own!

    It's like a breath of fresh air liberate oneself from the feeling of having to buy everything new. I feel this urge to make things on my own and impress upon my kids the beauty of hand made or repurposing. When I made several dresses for Middle L out of old T-shirts of mine I had more pride in what I was doing than if I had one out and bought them. And how we love the Goodwill. QoG finds it appalling we shop there since in her mind it's stating that we have no money. The opposite is true though...why spend money on the new when there is so much to repurpose elsewhere?

  2. Yes! I think sometimes people can't understand how fun, liberating, and expressive it can be to live without buying new stuff. The world is awash with people's "old" stuff, and a lot of it is really nice. Buying used and making your own stuff doesn't have to be dowdy and depressing. It can be creative and super-stylish. And on top of that, it's ecologically responsible!

    It makes me extra, extra pleased with myself when I get complimented on a "trendy" outfit I'm rocking and then I realize that everything I'm wearing (besides my underwear!) is vintage or homemade. I feel so much more proud of myself than if I had just saved up money to buy whatever outfit was in the front window of The Limited.

    I bet your t-shirt dresses for Middle L were adorable! I can just imagine doing that for my kids... LOL, they'd probably have band logos all over them. Punk rock.

  3. I'm reading that issue right now too! I found a coupon though for Express, which was perfect timing as I was contemplating purchasing a suit jacket from there. So yea, I totally went against that, but got a great deal out of it.

    To counterbalance that though, I have brought my lunch in EVERYDAY so far this week and haven't eaten out anywhere. It does make me feel good to use my skills more and pay less in the end.

  4. I like unshopping, except when it comes to ice cream and my hippies. I love getting braids and earrings...

    Sorry Glamour, giving up my car, moving to a developing nation and having my mom pack my lunch everyday (loooove!) is as un shopping as this little brown girl finna go.

  5. Yeah, you get lots of points for not owning a car and for sharing a home. Also, buying from local vendors is different than buying new crap from big chains just because you feel like you're supposed to. Enjoy your braids, earrings, and rose petal ice cream!


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