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Pure Mornings for the DIY Elite

My best time to write is first thing in the morning--when it's just me, a chorus of early birds, and a caffè latte. The early morning hours are a magical time sacred to both hard manual laborers, like dairy farmers and my husband who loads airplanes before dawn, and "creative class" elites such as Fortune 500 CEOs and little old me.

I've read plenty of scientific evidence to back up my intuition that I write most productively when I am freshly rested and still emerging from dreamspace.

Editing draws upon different mental skills that sharpen later in the day, but that initial flow of ideas and motivation comes strongest before the dawn. 

This year, the beginning of my summer coincides with the creation of a new novel, so I am committing to a firm schedule of writing for one to two hours just after I wake up, depending on whether I need to go in to work that day. I'll try to get the whole first draft done before fall, when I'll split my time between writing new m…

Becky and Brad with the Bad Hair

"Does this haircut make me look fashy?" It's a question men have been forced to consider ever since the election of Ronald McBlumpkin, when a cohort of dough-faced keyboard warriors co-opted the Victorian-high-'n tight-with-ponytail sported by diverse men from ancient Pecheneg warriors to soccer stars to Ryan Macklemore. That was around the time my husband--we'll call him Brad just for this post--sawed off his man bun with a pair of kitchen scissors.

Fashiony is okay.

Faggy is more than okay.

Fashy, no.

Brad doesn't care about proving his hetero-masculinity or originality to anyone. These are not personal hangups of his. But his father and grandmother were refugees from a Nazi labor camp, so... the rise of fashy hair has finally produced a hairstyle association gross enough to call for a new cut.

Meanwhile, I have discovered, to my dismay, that pretty much any neat and tidy style for women with Indo-European hair textures, like easy and summery milkmaid braids…

Summertime Scrawl 2017

On Saturday, July 22, I will help host this year's Summertime Scrawl at the beautifully renovated historic school building where I work! The Scrawl is:

A day set aside for you and your novel. A day of intense writing and fun... There will be snacks, pop, a sandwich spread for lunch, prizes, and camaraderie. Also, hand massages for those word warriors who stay with us until the end. 
I'd like to add: Free parking, air conditioning, plentiful and accessible restrooms that won't judge your gender, and a Wi-Fi password that I can either share with you, or guard from you with my life, upon request.

How do you get in on this productivity power-up?

You can't! Ha!

This is a strictly members-only event. The guest list includes members of the Capital City Writers Association and the Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America.

However, if you are a mid-Michigander who wanted to join us and gain access to free events and classes all year, plus online community support and discounted…