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Underwriting My Writing Space

Noveling is a long game, so I've taken this whole week off to work on refinancing my house! This place is, after all, my favorite place to write.

Apparently, the "odd" qualities that Justin and I sought in a home have become hot on the market, and some things that weren't perfect about our location have improved over the past 10 years. This has resulted in the equity fairy coming by and leaving a low mortgage interest rate under our pillows while we slept. We are therefore trying to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to reduce the duration of our loan, which will pay off big for us around the time our daughter graduates high school.

We've learned to appreciate long-term investments.

Just a week ago, we celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary. We reflected, with affection and humor, upon the ways in which we are still the same and the ways in which we have evolved since the early days of our relationship. This long-term commitment thing has turned out …

A Good Romance: 10-Year Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary!

Justin and I met in high school and started dating in college. When we were kids, it seemed like we had known each other foreverrrrr before we started dating and had been together foreverrrrr before we got married. (Back then, "forever" meant a few years.) Now we have a six-year-old daughter and homeowners insurance. How'd that happen?
Justin and I have always valued fun, creativity, and authenticity over perfection, and I'm happy to say that, looking back, our party/prep/wedding pictures display those values. Our photos were taken by photojournalists, which means less Photoshop magic and more silly candid shots. Prettiness is inevitable in a crowd of young people in the springtime, but our photographers did truly beautiful work capturing the excitement and raw emotion and true memories of the events.
We started the festivities with a coed bachelor[ette] party in our downtown slum apartment, which also served as the accommodati…