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The Voting Pen Is Mighty

Today is the presidential primary! I'm taking a break from posts about writing fantasies to send out this plea to all creative people, authors, readers, all you deep-thinking Belles and intellectual Hermiones, all you shy bookworms and insecure writers, please go out today and vote! Today is the day we, together, get to choose our own adventure--in reality.

We don't get unlimited choices. We don't get to spin pure fantasies into fully formed worlds the way we get to do in our works of fiction.

But this is our real world, the only real world we get, the real world from which we can never fully escape. So it's important!

And if you miss the primary, more importantly, make sure you are ready to vote for our next president this fall. Talk to your friends; find out whether they had any trouble voting in this primary and help to ensure it doesn't happen again. Did a married woman have her ID rejected? Did someone need a ride or fail to obtain an absentee ballot?  Did your WWII veteran grandfather get told he couldn't vote because his driver's license has expired? (Mine did, but the family is working on getting him an ID in the mail because he's a shut-in who can't hear well enough to talk on the phone and also doesn't navigate online--so he can't directly obtain an ID from the Secretary of State himself. This is happening to lots of elderly and disabled voters.)

Let's pull together to write the next chapter of our national history. That little check mark means so much. Then you have my blessing to ignore all political campaigning until the presidential election comes near so you can focus on writing the Great American Novel. Then you have my blessing to vote for the candidate who exhibits the least trumpery.

To the polls!


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