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Lansing Fairy Circle Godsisters

These women are my real life muses--the creative, beautiful, wild and wonderful creatures that bring the magic into my world. They are all women who live in or near Lansing, Michigan, the palm of the Mitten. They are personal friends, and I admire them greatly. Some are close to me in the circle, and some orbit across a void of lifestyle or sleep/wake cycles so that I may only see them in the flesh once every month or year, but they all inspire me. There are more muses in my circle than I'll share on this list (and the others that will follow), but these are some of those ladies who currently have blogs or websites to pass along!

Esperanza the Mermaid

Esperanzita is my bestie since high school, when we bonded over vandalism art, Frida Kahlo, and punk rock concerts in the Dirty D. This woman is a siren of the spoken word (in English or Spanish, both of which she has taught professionally). Her style is the love baby of Gwen Stefani and Lila Downs. Her scent is tropical flowers and spice. Like Tori Amos, she rarely makes sense but is always profound. She'll cut a bitch with her voice or bring you a bowl of homemade soup, as needed. Her hair is epic and often lit up with strands of raging hot pink. Sometimes she sprouts butterfly wings and floats back and forth between the highlands of Mexico and the low embrace of the Great Lakes, leaving trails of glitter, three-foot pink hairs, and devastating Instagram photos. She has had many adventures of the heart, senseless and profound, about which she writes with lipstick red humor.

Tashmica the Firecracker

Tashmica "Firecracker" Torok is a living legend. Her very existence in the world is total proof of redemption, hope, and unconquerable love. She's a young woman who is already a wellspring of wisdom, courage, and leadership. She's been a force to be feared in the roller derby and a starter of many movements toward justice. Right now, she's a shelter of nurturing grace for children--her own wonderful three boys and the many children she advocates for and provides with support to heal from sexual abuse and trauma. Her infectious laugh, bold voice, and beautiful presence cast out fear and light up our community with the sparks of her generous spirit. Tashmica is the founder and CEO of The Firecracker Foundation and has started writing for xoJane.

Duff the Jewel Hunter

There are many ways to tell a story, and Emily "Duff" Duffelmeyer reconstructs the quiet, intimate links of past lives using the forgotten gems, clasps, and locket-chained secrets of vintage jewelry. Duff has lived a life rich in love, generosity, strength, heartbreak, grace, and fine chocolate. She's sweet as filigree and strong as a diamond, always standing up for what's right with courage and compassion. She expertly curates images, treasures, and moments that capture the delicate beauty of life. For the past five years, she has been researching, collecting, restoring, and selling accessories with soul through her tempting online shop, Jean Jean Vintage.

Jeana-Dee the Art Devotee

Speaking of gems, Jeana-Dee Allen Rogers is a Lansing treasure. She grew up in nearby Flint and brought to Lansing her ferocious talents for community art movements, youth empowerment, and advocacy for all that makes life in Lansing lovely. If that's not enough alliteration, Jeana-Dee is the Artistic Director for the LUVS (Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle), wife of the lead singer, and Co-Founder and Artistic Director of the Robin Theater, Lansing's freshest performance venue and also the ground floor of the third Lansing home she and her husband Dylan Rogers have settled in and resurrected from dereliction. Jeana has reported on Neo-Nazis as a photojournalist, thrown some of the best parties in town, gone on tour with the band to dance onstage in a Michigan costume, turned a whole city block into an art institution for at-risk children, changed the faces of many buildings and landmarks around town, and created a performing arts scene out of nothing but rubble and unicorn horns. She currently advocates for bicycle riders and enjoys the vintage tandem bicycle she and her husband received as a wedding gift. Although she would deny it, Jeana-Dee is basically responsible for making Lansing a cool place to live. Creative spirits all over Lansing are lucky that she has made our city home!


  1. This is beautiful. These women are all rock stars. Remember how we always used to say it was hard to capture Esperanza in words? You did it. And it's lovely.

    1. Thank you! And just so you know, the first ode I wrote for this series was yours. I am holding it hostage until you make our unnamed other Pigasister put up that fine website you have designed for her. :)


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