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Which Queen Elsa Will Your Child Be for Halloween?

Call to action, parents everywhere! Let's use the ironic phenomenon of Queen Elsa's popularity to play with variations on a theme. How can we turn every Queen Elsa into her own special snowflake this Halloween?

Let's not even pretend there's a chance that your daughter, son, spouse, siblings, parents, or pets are even considering a different Halloween costume this year. Everyone wants to be Elsa.

We don't need to talk about the irony of the character's whole theme about letting your freak flag fly and breaking with social norms to be your own unique self... by dressing in the exact same outfit as everyone else. It's cool. I mean, it's ICE COLD. Who doesn't want weather-controlling, palace-building powers that shoot out of your hands and feet?

(OK, unless you want to be Maleficent, which is also badass and a totally easy costume--buy one of those horny hats at a Halloween store, red lipstick, leather pants, dark fairy wings--boom. Done.) 

But for those of us with small children, it's definitely all about Elsa this year. Last year all the children were Superman. All the children. For the second year in a row, my daughter Nux Gallica will be right on trend.

But we can have fun with this. Come on, parents, let's get creative. I don't mean Pinterest creative. I don't mean we need to get out the sewing kit, for Olaf's sake. I don't sew. That isn't my snowflake power.  Mine is assembling junk into artful arrangements. It comes from a whole adult lifetime of owning almost nothing except random hand-me-downs, gifts, and thrift store purchases.

Nux Gallica's Queen Elsa costume will consist of: A flower-girl bridal tiara sent from Mexico by Tia Esperanzita; a large piece of sheer, snowflake-patterned fabric tied on as a cape (gift from a kindly old lady); a long-sleeved shirt with Nordic-style embroidery along the collar (clearance rack at TJ Maxx); a floor-length princess gown (thrift store); a pair of child-sized, antique white kid gloves (found in a box of random antique stuff sent to us by Nonna); and fancy shoes (leftover from Easter). While not exactly "home-made," it will be "home-assembled" from stuff we already have around the house, and it will be different from every other Queen Elsa costume on the street!

So tell me, parents, how are you going to make your Queen Elsa into her own special snowflake this Halloween? With a humorous character mash-up? Your own handicrafting skills? Junk management skills? Outside-the-box imagination? A store-bought costume on a non-traditional wearer? (A dog, a grown man, etc.?) Share in the comments! Pictures and links welcome.

...And this year, we'll have a reason to laugh if we get an early Halloween blizzard!


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