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Ich Liebe Rammstein: Ollie

Ollie Riedel

Ollie is responsible for Rammstein's sexy bass lines and delicate fretwork on softer songs and is also, I suspect, the band member most likely to be behind the band's online profiles, as he is rumored to be the most computer literate of the bunch. Ollie is the baby of the band at 41 years old and also the tallest at 6'7".

He is a father of two with a shy, quiet demeanor. He looms in the background of Rammstein's live shows and videos like a gentle giant, standing a whole foot taller than his shortest bandmate, Paul Landers. Ollie has little to say in the band's interviews and "making of" videos, though he is a bit animated in "The Making of Keine Lust."

Ollie is a physical man who loves board sports and gets a kick out of the corporeal transformations the band undergoes with costumes and visual effects. Ollie is the one who came up with the idea for the dominatrix Snow White video for "Sonne," which allowed him and his mates to play dwarves--"serious dwarves," of course, not silly ones with pointy caps and beards (though Ollie does rock one of his signature silly hats and a sharp goatee in his role as the tallest of the dwarves). He also seemed to have a lot of fun wearing the elaborate fat suit that each band member (except Flake) donned for the "Keine Lust" video and said he'd like to wear it again, perhaps to go skiing. Ollie is a really skinny dude (or at least looks that way due to his enormous height), and as a skinny girl, I can relate to the fascination with being fleshy for a change. (I had great fun gaining 40 pounds during my pregnancy!)

Ollie generally comes off as smooth and subdued. His sharp, flinty features belie his laid-back attitude. He speaks in a soft, matter-of-fact tone about everything--even stuff like steering a crowd-surfing boat with telekinetic mind powers. The other band members exhibit this quality as well, to some extent; their day-to-day lives are so surreal that they often seem blase about the extraordinary and awed by the mundane (like the size of orange juice containers in the United States--whoa!). Those who work with them as artists, such as video director Jonas Akerlund, have commented on how it seems like the members of Rammstein live in a magical realm of their own creation, which lends them a huge degree of freedom to explore artistic concepts.

In past years, Ollie manned the infamous inflatable crowd-surfing boat as part of Rammstein's live show. The stunt, originally performed by keyboardist Flake, made him extremely nervous and ended when he was dropped and hurt. Keyboardist Flake took the helm again, persevering even after some close calls with violently amorous fans.

Ollie is a homebody who has always been shy but happy. He comes from a doting set of parents who were young and hip during his childhood and supported his musical interests as a teen. At the age of 19, he played classical instruments in a gypsy-punk-fusion type band called The Inchtabokatables, which produced folk, medieval, and punk rock. His youth was low-key, and he did not even drink until a brief stint as a blue-collar worker in his twenties.

To this day, Ollie says he enjoys traveling to new places but doesn't often stay up late and party while on tour. At times, he has preferred to ride the tour bus even as the rest of the band ditched it for a private jet. I can sympathize; as a 5'10" person, commercial airplane seats are extremely uncomfortable for me. I can only imagine what torture it would be to fold a 6'7" frame into a flying soup can packed with five Rammstein bandmates (although that thought does turn me on...).

Ollie is one of the three founding members of Rammstein along with his early-'90s roommates Christoph Schneider (drummer) and Richard Kruspe (lead guitarist).

Ollie seems like a very cool guy, level-headed and content, with fierce facial hair. He cuts a striking figure even in the goofy ear-flap hats he enjoys and in diapers (as seen during the Mutter tour).

Ich liebe dich, Ollie!

This information is entirely based upon "facts" from Wikipedia, trashy tabloids, dorky fan forums, Urban Dictionary, social media, and official interviews and videos released by the band in several languages and nations. These are not American or British celebrities; the paparazzi do not camp in their shrubberies, perch atop their tour bus, bug their underpants, or otherwise have a regular, intrusive presence in these men's lives. These personal impressions of mine are gathered from many sources and true to the best of my knowledge.

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  1. ::The paparazzi do not camp in their shrubberies, perch atop their tour bus, bug their underpants, or otherwise have a regular, intrusive presence in these men's lives. ::

    But God don't you wish you could?!

    I'm so excited for you to go to the concert!

    not as excited as you are, my love, but just the same I'm excited!!!! DON'T PISS YOURSELF.

    1. No promises. But no, I don't wish them a complete lack of privacy. I like believing what I read on Urban Dictionary. ;)

  2. What a great article! I love Ollie too, love ALL of the guys of Rammstein. Going to see them in 16 days in Tampa, for their Best of North American Tour. I can't wait!!

    Your article, I felt, was dead on, as you describe Ollie's presence and demeanor. Thank you so much. PS--I'd love to know more about those orange juice cartons--did you see this in a video you could share, perhaps? Thanks! ~Molly Block of sunny Florida

    1. Hi Molly! You're going to see the guys so soon--AWESOME! The first shows of a tour are Flake's favorites because those are the ones where stuff goes wrong and people get rockets launched in their face. METAL!

      Thank you for joining me in my obsession. Come back often to slobber with me over the other members. Also, I'm updating each post as I gather more insights from my internet stalkings. I'm about to add more fun to Ollie's post in a sec.

      The orange juice thing came from a funny discussion about the U.S. in the Making of Amerika video. You can find all the "Making of" videos on YouTube and in the Made in Germany DVDs, if you went and bought them like I did. :D

  3. Are you sure he is not married? I have seen pictures of him with a woman and with a ring on his left hand? Unless they are old and I am mistaken :[ Ollie and Schneider are my favorites!!!


    1. Kari, he may very well be married. If so, good for him keeping it out of the spotlight! And it is likely he's in a relationship, even if he isn't married. I mean, come on. How could a DILF like that go solo for long? ;)

      Schneider is one of my faves, too. So cuuuute.


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