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Keep Saturn in Saturnalia!

A holiday classic post...

Saturnalia is an ancient Roman religious festival, celebrated in December with a week-long frenzy of shopping, gift giving, donning gay attire, feasting, drinking, bath orgies, baby gods, and pointy felt elf hats. Today, Saturnalia is recognized worldwide by nerds, from Ren Faire devotees to classical history scholars, and by weirdos like me who feel polyamorous about religion. Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukkah! Delightful Divali! Super Solstice!

Happy holidays to everyone!


  1. Hmm, when I think of Saturnalia I think of Berlusconi

  2. Mike, when you think of Berlusconi, think of Love Songs. Pfffffhahahaha!

  3. Polyamorous about religion! I love it! We are brainstorming some December rituals/ traditions here at Team Reidy that will be fun for Cheeks (and us). It's going to be hard to top bath orgies. (!)

  4. Molly! OMG! My mom just bought Nux Gallica a Cabbage Patch doll that looks exactly like your Baby Reidy. I'll have to show you after Christmas.

  5. Greetings From Southern California

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2012

    *The "W" in Christmas*


  6. ::a week-long frenzy of shopping, gift giving, donning gay attire, feasting, drinking, and sometimes bath orgies. ::

    Like a Rammstein concert, sans pyrotechnics... I like it.


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