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2012 Resolutions

Happy New Year! Tonight begins the year 2012, believed by many to be the year of the Zombie Apocalypse. Or something like that. What with the baby, I haven't been paying enough attention.

Anyway, I didn't stick to any serious resolutions in 2011 except to take good care of my family, but I feel ready to set a few fun goals for 2012.

1. Stay in shape with belly dance stretches and drills three times a week. Most of my physical problems are in the area of my lower spine and sacrum, especially since giving birth and having to tote around a heavy child. Nothing seems to work better for me than doing a dance warmup (right now I'm using one of Sadie's belly dance DVDs) followed by at least 20 minutes of mayas, hip circles, or other moves that isolate and strengthen core muscles.

2. Build writing time into my weekly schedule and stick to it throughout the year. I don't want to be one of those people who waits until retirement to pursue their dreams. But until I retire, there will never be a good time to sit down and write. So I want to commit to a modest routine of working on my writing at the beautiful library down the street. My new-ish neighborhood library is a gorgeous building with armchairs by a cozy fireplace, outlets and wi-fi, worlds of books and other resources, and an inspiring view of woodlands from dramatically huge windows. It's my new happy place, and I want to take advantage of it regularly so I don't let all my creative ambitions leak through the cracks of life's daily struggles.

3. Learn enough German by May to fully appreciate all of the tracks on Rammstein's "Made in Germany" Best Of album. This must be done in time for the long-awaited religious pilgrimage that Mr. G and I will undertake for our 5th wedding anniversary. I'm so excited about it my head is about to explode, so I won't even go into it more right now. Squeeeeeee!

4. Destruct my front lawn and plant wildflower gardens. Set off the yard makeover with repairs to the front of my house. I probably won't attempt vegetable gardening yet this year, but I have already torn out the rosebushes and replaced them with a native flora garden in front of the porch. I'd like to annihilate a large portion of the front lawn, execute an ugly shrub or two, and plant a broad area of low-maintenance, native wildflower seeds. A "Curb Appeal" style home makeover is on my Someday To-Do list, but for now I think a fresh coat of paint and a new garage door would do a world of good for the sad-looking front of my house. My aim this year is pretty low--to not be a complete embarrassment to my upstanding neighbors on the right. It helps that my neighbor on the left keeps his home looking utterly derelict. I kind of appreciate that. It takes the pressure off my household. But still. I'd like to do less mowing and at the same time have my home look a notch better than "not the worst eyesore on the block." Meanwhile, a side project may be making dandelion wine this spring with our very rich annual dandelion crop.

Of course, all of these resolutions come second to making sure Nux Gallica has a happy and healthy second year of life. I expect the year to be filled with baby storytimes at the library, playtime at the park, explorations at the children's museum, and messy arts and crafts sessions.

What do you hope for the coming year? Best wishes and cheers!


  1. I've never tried Sadie's drills but I've always enjoyed doing Suhaila Salimpour's Fitness DVD drills. Her bonus material on all 4 DVDs has a few layering drills too. Those were particularly challenging for me.

    Happy dancing!

  2. I know just the library you're talking about and I love it there! It's my favorite place to write, at one of the tables by those huge windows! Happy new year!

  3. "I'm so excited about it my head is about to explode."

    That's not what you said earlier.

  4. Cynthia, Suhaila Salimpour is on my list to try next! Sadie is good for hard workout drills, but Suhaila is a classic dancer. It's nice to mix things up.

    Meika, that's wild! I'm at that very place right this second. Maybe I'll see you here sometime!

    Esperanzita, I am sorry. I don't remember what I said before my head exploded.

  5. Belly dancing...hmmm. Might frighten the children. No, I'm a failure. I have no resolutions, other than breathing.

  6. Mike, I sincerely hope that you succeed in achieving your resolution all year long. And then some!

  7. One of my resolutions is to buy Nux Gallica the llama llama books and make you read them too. I love them. They make me cry with their cuteness. Plus it's really fun to say llama over and over. It will be done! She's got a birthday coming up!

  8. Miss Moppet, that is so sweet! She would love it if you read her one of those books!


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