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Productivity in the Nutshell, Part II

Happy May! My April blogging break has come and gone, and I can feel the maternal superpowers starting to work. Today, I'll list some of my accomplishments of the last 30 days, and tomorrow I'll reveal some tips on how I did it... and trust me, they aren't bullet points that you're going to see in any self-help book or PowerPoint at your next staff meeting. We do things a little differently here in the Nutshell.

Today's installment is a summary of my proudest achievements. They may not seem extraordinary to the child-free, but it feels glorious to the mother of a newborn to do anything at all besides eat, sleep, change diapers, and maybe occasionally shower. I think I am finally getting the hang of this motherhood thing, and I'm pleased with how much I managed to do in April. Time to brag!

First, I have continued to rear a monster child who consistently gains three pounds a month since birth. This is no small feat, and it's my proudest accomplishment of the year. I've kept her fed, clothed, bathed, happy, and healthy. She hasn't been sick a day in her life. She sleeps at least eight hours at night, and during the day she smiles, giggles, plays with toys, and chatters adorable nonsense to anyone who will listen, including her stuffed monkey. Nurturing a new human being is an intense, wonderful, important, and difficult job, and I have greater respect and compassion for other parents every day.

Meanwhile, I went back to work at the office in addition to my work-from-home job. I worked over 30 hours per week, often while pumping milk or nursing the aforementioned monster baby. She has gone from nursing every hour to nursing about every two hours (except during the night--good baby!). On days when I'm at work, Daddy or Grandma feed her expressed milk from bottles, so we have been able to confirm that she can chug over 30 ounces of milk in a day. She is as long as some children who walk, and at three months old, she weighs 17 pounds. I'm a little scared that she will be bigger than me in just a few years!

I haven't kept up with housework very well, but I have done plenty of grocery shopping and cooked a number of delicious and healthy meals. I baked two kinds of cookies for the family Easter dinner: honey chocolate chip and apricot (Grandpa's favorite). I didn't get a picture of them, so above is Nux Gallica with her first Easter basket, a gift from a great aunt.

I also planted the first seeds of my garden: peas, carrots, onions, tomatoes, herbs, pumpkins, watermelons, cucumbers, and blueberry bushes. Potatoes are sprouting on the front porch. Gallica is great at keeping me company as I dig in the dirt. The sights, smells, and sounds of the backyard fascinate her for a little while, and then she falls asleep for at least 30 minutes. That's pretty much a goldmine of time for a new mom!

All that nursing and running around has helped me lose the baby weight in three months. During and after my pregnancy, I did the workouts on Erin O'Brien's Complete Pregnancy Fitness DVDs. These are fantastic! The pregnancy sequence is a 45-minute workout that includes warm up, strength training, cardio, stretching, and cool down. The postnatal series is broken into four fifteen-minute routines of increasing difficulty. I started as soon as I came home from the hospital (with the very gentle program designed for the first six weeks) and then spent a month each on the next two progressions. I'm currently doing the last and most difficult progression on most mornings. It's amazing how far I have come from leaving the hospital barely able to walk and still in maternity clothes! Looking like my old self is nice, but it's wonderful to feel strong and independent again. I sure need my strength to lug around my giant three-month-old!

Also in April, I attended a couple of weddings and offered to throw my friend Miss Moppet a bridal shower. The invitations are in the mail.

Check back tomorrow evening for the nutty secrets of this mom's maternal superpowers!


  1. What a beautiful baby and family, and you look marvelous!

  2. See! Told you you'd be back in pre-pregnancy shape/hotness in no time! :)

  3. Thanks for believing in me Lisa!

    And thanks, Anthony and RetroKali. You know how it is with the little ones!

  4. Um...I am equal parts happy for you and sad for me. You just had a baby and look SO DAMN HOT in that bathing suit! OW OW!

    Me, on the other hand...well I will get back to this box of chocolates, thanks.

  5. Esperanza, you are a beautiful woman! I'm going to eat chocolates, too. Mr. G got me Vosges for Mothers' Day. Bikini season in Michigan is only for like one weekend anyway.


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