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Prolific Parent Awards

It's time for a roundup of all my favorite parental bloggers! I realized it would take me a bazillion years to give a shout out to each of them one by one, so here is a list of many other fecund writers with children whom I feel you should know. I have found it so helpful to network with other parents online while I'm stranded at home most of the time with an infant.

Share the love and check out some of these folks' sites.

The Prolific Parent Award is hereby presented to...

In the category of Mothers of Nux Gallica's Bestest Friends Whom She Doesn't Exactly Know Yet:

Lexi Losch, who was copyrighted in 1982 and gave birth this winter to a maddeningly adorable and adorably maddening baby girl. Lexi's superpowers include the strength and humor to deal with a very cute, yet very colicky child. You can follow the joy, pain, and hilarity on her blog or Twitter feed.

Molly with the Rock Garden Project, whose brand new daughter is about to be Gallica's best gardening buddy. Molly is an educator and gardener who had the exact same joyous reason for epic garden failure this past summer. Of course, it's a lot harder to grow people than vegetables, so we had a great excuse. I think our gardens will both do better from now on. Hooray for child labor!

In the enviable category of Moms Who Actually Finished and Published Books:

Michelle Davidson Argyle, who writes contemporary, literary, and fantasy fiction, blogs at the Literary Lab, and raises a bright, energetic daughter. She was inspired to write her novella Cinders after watching her daughter's Cinderella movie for the kajillionth time and wondering, what if Cinderella was a bit of a flighty and selfish malcontent instead of a perfectly pretty princess?

Marie Simas, author of the brave and shocking memoir Do Tampons Take Your Virginity? Marie's crass and biting humor saw her through an abusive childhood and difficult youth. I am amazed at Marie's ability to confront the darkest horrors of her life with humorous insight and her courage to live life on her terms and raise a child of her own. Marie's son is the product of her sacramental union with her sexi Mexi husband.

Samantha Wilde, who wants to be Michelle Duggar. I found Samantha's blog after reading her novel This Little Mommy Stayed Home during the last stretch of my pregnancy. She's relatable, smart, and always funny.

In the category of Unconventionally Awesome:

Beta Dad, whose brilliance shows through his irreverent humor, and who posts the best twin tot videos.

RetroKali, Belly Whisperer, mother of two (including a special needs child), creative writer, and witch!

Simon C. Larter at Constant Revision, father and vodka-fueled flash fiction phenom.

There are many other amazing, prolific parent bloggers I've been following, but I'll have to wrap up this post now... It's hard to type with one hand while holding a lil' nut! If you parent and write and I haven't listed you here, know that I still admire you and I finally understand exactly how incredible you are!


  1. Thanks! You didn't include yourself?....:)

  2. I LOVE IT! Thank you! Jovie loves it too. And thank GOD her colic has pretty much calmed itself!!


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