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2010 Year-End Review

2010 is nearly over! How did you do with your New Year's Resolutions from last January? Do you remember what they were at this point? I only do because I blogged about mine!

It's fun to look back now and see how different my 2011 New Year will be compared to New Year 2010. First of all, there's the holiday celebration: Last year, Mr. G and I threw a big house party and drank and danced and caroused until well after midnight. I was super skinny (it now appears to me) and still felt like a kid reeling from post-college, pre-family freedom. This year, Mr. G and I will be having a low-key get-together with one other set of expectant parents. The two of us first-time moms are ripe with pregnancy and won't be able to drink or dance wildly in heels at 2:00 in the morning. Instead, we'll sip sparkling juice and play board games and think about our exciting, slightly scary anticipations of new parenthood.

I am sure we will both have important goals and expectations for this very significant coming year, and my 2011 resolutions will reflect those.

So how did I do on my 2010 goals? Let's see... At my Third Quarter Review, my unresolved resolutions were:

1. Submit a short story to the Literary Lab to be published in their upcoming Notes from Underground anthology. Due date: December 15.

Status: Completed! Very soon, I should be receiving a proof copy of my story, Notes from an Enchanted Castle, to review before publication. This is a fun milestone for me as a writer. I'm happy to have had the chance to contribute to a very cool project that will raise money for a good cause.

2. Make a baby. Obviously, this "project" was well under way at the time of my Third Quarter Review!

Status: Baby G is healthy and growing! The nursery is set up, and the hospital bags are packed. Mr. G still has to install the car seat and assemble the antique rocking chair that Nonna Antonia sent us, but we are just about ready to go. Materially speaking, anyway. I don't know if anyone can be completely ready for a new baby!

2a. Build our emergency savings fund to cover three months of expenses.

Status: Failed. We were doing a good job of saving, but then there was car trouble, friend-in-need trouble, Christmas, blah blah blah. But we do have enough money to cover the unpaid portion of my maternity leave and a pile of things to sell on eBay to cover the unpaid time Mr. G will take to spend with his new daughter. We have enough socked away that we don't quite need to panic. And hey, if Nux Gallica is born just before the New Year, we will get a large tax benefit (so I keep hearing! WTF, people?). However, though she will be "full term" the day after Christmas, I am hoping to get her fattened up for a few weeks longer so she will be strong and well-insulated for her wintertime debut into the outside world.

2b. Work out at least three times a week, including continuing my belly dance "lessons" and leading into prenatal belly dance.

Status: On track. In November, I took a five-session prenatal yoga class. I also kept up with my Prenatal Bellydance and Complete Pregnancy Fitness DVDs. I'm getting pretty unwieldy and have to be careful not to move in ways that cause contractions, but I do hope to record and upload another video clip of myself belly dancing soon. I love the way belly dance looks with a huge, round belly!

So, how did you do on your resolutions? Will your 2011 goals be different or more of the same?


  1. I read through all your resolutions; very smart-- especially the belly dancing. Here's hoping you have her just before Jan 1st so you get a big tax break (seriously, it's huge).

    You're still in heels, I see. I know that you have foot issues and that's why you wear heels, but I have incredible respect for a woman who can rock blood-red pumps in their 9th month. Totally boss.

  2. Glad to hear you're on track with (almost) all your resolutions! I hope you and Baby G are well and he (she?) makes an appearance before New Year's so you can get a benefit...although, speaking as someone born in January, having a birthday close to christmas has some serious present-related drawbacks...

    ; P

  3. Wow! You did much better than me with resolutions. Especially exercising while pregnant. I'm 15 weeks and unless I can count chasing my two year old, I haven't exercised at all.


  4. Marie: Thanks! The dancing is getting harder to do, but it feels good for me. And the tax break would be nice, but Nux Gallica is still a very little baby (maybe 5.5 pounds), so I want her to fatten up a bit longer. I wore those heels at work, where I was sitting down all day, but mostly I have been tromping around in fuzzy slippers or scrunchy boots. I just make sure I get a picture whenever I rock the heels. ;)

    Tessa: That's another thing! I want my baby to be born well after Christmas and New Year's so she can have a birthday that is all hers. Who wants to share with Baby Jesus anyway? Sheesh.

  5. Congratulations to you, Melissa! We'll see how well I do on my resolutions next year, as a mom to a one-year-old.

  6. I made a resolution in Feb. this year-to write. I began blogging as a discipline and was successful. I blogged everyday until I realized that I wasn't writing. So I scaled back....and it seems to work.

    I've been thinking about my resolutions....and I haven't made any firm decisions - yet. But I'm gonna! One of the things I'd love to do is learn to belly dance!!!

    I can't wait to see pics of the baby :)

  7. WC: My 2011 goals will, of course, involve writing and belly dance too! :)

    I can't wait to find out what Nux Gallica looks like. The ultrasounds give an idea but not a clear enough picture. I'm sure I will think she is marvelous no matter what she looks like and subject all my blog readers to heaps of baby photos.

  8. I'm staying home and actually...I'm going to sleep through new years. I'm sick and don't feel like staying up until all hours in smoke and yelling and bla bla bla.

    It's a new year like any other...I just don't want to go out and deal with it! I'm a NYE grinch! I will go to bed early in spirit with you and Baby G!

    Happy new year, lovers!


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