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SMOKin' Hot Scents for Men or Women

In our efforts to use safer products, one of the main ingredients we have been avoiding is the ultra-hazardous chemical soup known as "fragrance," which has been linked to all sorts of unpleasant conditions from birth defects to cancer.

But Mr. G likes to smell good!

So do I, but I can get away with just putting a few drops of essential oil in my fragrance-free lotion. Mr. G works two labor-intensive jobs, so he likes to wear a nice cologne in addition to the unscented crystal antiperspirant we both use (which I hear doesn't work for everyone, but it does the trick for us).

A couple days ago, we walked through the mall and stopped in one of those little Rasta/hippie/counterculture shops that sell Bob Marley posters and fair trade sculptures. We remembered that Mr. G used to buy some very sexy, manly-smelling essential oils at a hippie shop that was open in the '90s. (We're talking, so sexy that I and other women would dream about the scent after we had spent any time with him.) We guessed that this place at the mall might sell scent oils, too, and we hit the jackpot. The shop owner had everything from knockoffs of designer colognes to some of Mr. G's old-school, smoky favorites.

Some men smell divine in cool, crisp, "sea breeze" type aromas. Mr. G, on the other hand, rocks the warm, sultry, pheromone-mimicking musks like nobody's business. His '90s recipe consisted of incense-inspired elements like dragon's blood, nag champa, opium, and Egyptian musk. This time, he came up with an upgraded mix of his old stand-bys and different scents to create a lighter, but still warm and spicy blend.

The shop owner was very interested in Mr. G's unusual choices but loved the result so much that he rubbed it into his own beard! Heh... Not recommended. But anyway, he put an initial for each ingredient on the vial label so we could remember what was in there: Superior Musk, Egyptian Musk, Opium, and Kush. The resulting acronym: SMOK.

I cannot express to you in words how awesomely sexy this scent is on my husband. I couldn't stop sniffing him for the rest of the night. And when he went to work the next day, his two female coworkers took note and made some shockingly inappropriate comments about how it made them feel. (Beware letting your man use this stuff outside the home, ladies!)

I once read a blog post by a female fan of Till Lindemann (my fantasy lover, in case you didn't know, lead singer of Rammstein) saying that when she met him after a show, she expected him to be smelly and gross from all the sweating under the stage lights. But instead, she said he smelled so good she wanted to roll in him like a dog on a carcass. (Yummy.) That's pretty much the effect Mr. G's new scent has on women.

As a bonus to being the hottest thing available (and completely customizable), an essential oil blend is non-carcinogenic, won't cause birth defects or developmental problems for Baby G, won't irritate sensitive coworkers' fragrance allergies (though it may distract them, heh heh), and has intense lasting power. Two or three light touches with the roller ball keeps Mr. G smelling great all day long, without the fading effect of alcohol-based colognes or perfumes. And the price is unbeatable... One vial costs $5 and will probably last a couple of years.

If you love to pamper yourself, or your lover, with personal care products but are concerned about toxins, check out all-natural companies such as Just the Goods or sniff out one of those hippie shops. You'll be surprised at what you find; it's not necessary to come out smelling like patchouli and gutter punks. You can actually emerge giving off the olfactory signals of lust and addiction. (Talk about a love spell.) And it's very hot to have a one-of-a-kind, personalized, signature scent, even if you choose something other than warm musks.

It takes a little more searching and effort, but sometimes the cheaper, healthier option is far more luxurious! I love it when that happens.


  1. Sounds like a winning combination there! I haven't heard of Kush before, will definitely look out for it. ;)

  2. You know, I hadn't heard of Kush either, and I just looked it up on Wiki. Apparently it is a potent strain of cannabis from the Hindu Kush mountains. So basically, my husband smells like pheromones and addictive drugs. No wonder the women at his work are all over him! Hahaha. Those Axe commercials are a lie. Spray deodorant has nothing on this elixer of sexiness!

  3. Question is whether Wales is ready yet for Superior Musk, Egyptian Musk, Opium, and Kush.
    I know I am but it would probably send the sheep mad

  4. The sheep gone mad! Oh no, that makes me think of a dirty episode of Wallace and Grommet. We wouldn't want that to happen. ;)

  5. There are a couple of essential oils I wear when I decide to be non-toxic, since I love cologne but it triggers my own asthma sometimes. My wife and I have approved most China Rain blends and a few Amber blends as masculine and good-smelling.

    And I kind of can't believe I'm commenting about that.

  6. Hahaha, welcome to The Magic Nutshell, Nevets, where oversharing is applauded. China Rain and Amber sounds nice. It's fun designing your own scent, or your spouse's. ;)


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