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Pregnancy Writing Boost: Dreams and Creativity

I have noticed that my dreams have been more vivid than usual lately, and I remember them more often without trying. That is, without dream journaling or doing any other conscious practice to cultivate dream memory.

Research suggests that remembered dreams and creativity are linked, so I feel that now is a perfect time to restart my writing routine. I plan to spend Saturday getting back into the groove by working on my novel and an "application" to participate in the Notes from Underground project (see sidebar).

Another crazy thing about pregnant dreaming? I have now had three remembered dreams about my future child. In my first trimester, I dreamed of a little boy with dark hair and eyes like my husband. I was convinced that I was having a boy.

Now, in my second trimester, I have had two remembered dreams of having a little girl with blonde pigtails. In the last one, I dreamed of giving birth to her in the Yellow Room at my house that will be the baby room.

Who will it be??

People are already placing their bets on the baby's gender, but we won't find out for a few more weeks (if then). All the ladies are voting for a girl. Haha. We'll find out soon enough who's behind Door Number One!

In other news, have you seen Google today? I am drooling over the Josef Frank designs! There's my baby room decor, right there. Now I hope I can find close knockoffs at World Market! I would copy and paint the prints on the wall myself if I didn't want to be exposed to all the paint fumes while pregnant. Maybe that will be a future project.

And you, creative people? Have you had any trippy dreams lately? Do you ever write them down or use them in your writing or visual artwork?

Moms, did you accurately predict the sex of your baby through dreams or feelings?


  1. I have five children. I didn't care what the first was - I had a boy - and was really happy the second was a girl. The third was a boy, the fourth. Of course I knew the fifth would be a boy again. I told everyone - all the way up to his birth - that if it really was a boy I was going to cut it off and make me a girl.

    When he was circumcised, the doctor slipped, and cut off way too much skin, giving my poor Bug a cut well below the bell. Careful what you dream about Genie; you never know just how close to true it may come . .

    But no, I don't write down my writing dreams. I rarely even remember my dreams. And when I do, I'm just harrassed at my day job, not inspired by a night wisp.

    Sounds like pregnancy is an awesome event for you. I'm glad.


  2. Wow! I had some super, super weird dreams when I was pregnant. I'll never forget the one about my unborn child sprouting teeth and eating her way through my belly. See, I had nightmares. I never dreamed sweet little dreams like the gender of the child. I wish I had! I guessed right and my wishes came true about having a girl, though. My little princess. I love her so much. :)

    I hope you have a girl! I'm just biased. :)

  3. How fun! I can't wait to hear whose behind Door Number 1!

    Girls are very prevalent in my family, so I was just sure I'd only ever have girls. With my first child (a girl), we didn't try to find out the sex. With my second child (a boy), we did want to know but they couldn't tell at the ultrasound because he wouldn't keep still. With my third (another girl), they told us at the ultrasound, and I was thrilled my little girl would have a sister. This is such a joyful time - enjoy!

  4. Donna: Oh no! I've heard so many stories like that. When my brother-in-law was circumcised at the hospital, the doctor made his incision fine, but the tool was dirty and he caught hepatitis and almost died. I am so glad I'm not having my baby in Detroit...

    Michelle: That dream is so TWILIGHT! My pregnancy books warn me that toward the third trimester, women tend to have nightmares about awful things happening related to the birth or a child being in danger. I'm glad I was informed that this is normal in advance. Also, I didn't think I had a gender preference--and maybe even wanted a boy who looked like Mr. G--but the thought of maybe having a girl has gotten me all bubbly. :)

    Susan: I will be so frustrated if they can't see! I'm not one of those parents who wants it to be a surprise. I want to know!

  5. I had very vivid dreams when I was pregnant. And actually, I knew right away that I was pregnant and what gender my kids would be because of my dreams. Funny, I hadn't thought about that until I read your post!

  6. Wow, Sherrie, that's awesome! Maternal instincts are eerie. Johns Hopkins has found that the more educated a mother is, the better she is at predicting her baby's sex. Even though that makes NO sense.


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