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Laughing through Pregnancy and Revisions

Second trimester: I am now ready to get serious about my novel again, as the months of exhaustion and nausea have passed. My writing schedule will begin again this weekend, when I will finish my rewrite of Chapters 1-6 (Part I) and try to have it sent to beta readers by the end of the month. I've already peeked at it and felt a wave of malaise at how much work obviously needs to be done--so obvious after letting it sit for three months.

The second trimester is also when I start to get so big that I really, really can't wear a lot of my clothes, not even if I leave them unzipped and throw a belt on top.

On Sunday we had a "yay, I'm pregnant but feeling better" cookout for my family and some friends, and I gave away some of my clothes that will not fit me again for, oh, a year or two, if ever. I also worked on finishing up my pregnant muumuu dress that Mrs. Waxx has helped me sew, which has an adjustable waist and bust.

Sadly, no one nabbed my "up North woodbilly hot pants" that I purchased, well, up North in the woods one year. They are some ugly shorts, but still, it's a little sad that I can't zip them up and my thighs can't fit through the leg holes anymore. This reminds me that it is time to invest in a belly band and maybe some maternity pants.

Mr. G and our cellar dweller, The Baked Chef, cheered me up, however, by modeling my hot pants in the kitchen. You'd think I would be even more depressed that the men in my house can wear my shorts and I can't, but... How can you see this and not laugh?? I laughed so hard I was afraid I would go into labor.

Now I feel refreshed and ready to go buy that belly band, find some comfy clothes, and sit down to work on my rewrite. The moral of this story? If mood swings, doldrums, boredom, stress, or any species of "writers' block" is holding you back, go watch something funny or meet up with that friend who makes you pee your pants. You'll feel better and regain the energy to move forward.

Here's an article that proves it. See? Now go look at immediately.


  1. Laughter is a gift from the Gods. I've always felt that way.

    And, those men can sure wear a pair of lady pants ; )

  2. How true! I've been in a grump-funk for about a week, now. I was telling my (also pregnant) wife about it last night, how I've just felt... blah.

    A laugh would be nice. The hotpants are funny. My daughter bought me a shirt as a gift, but it was a girl's shirt with flowers on it, one of those tight-fitting short-sleeved tees. I looked downright flaming in it!

    - Eric

  3. Hahahhaa!!! Your husband is hilarious!

    And I'm very happy to hear that you're getting back into the swing of things. Live it up now! And honestly, if I were you I'd take a good 6 weeks off of everything internet and writing related once you have the baby. You'll never get that precious time back with your new little baby, and being so sleep-deprived can do awfully weird things to your brain.

  4. Sorry I missed the cookout but I can see I'll be hanging out in the cellar this September! Ow ow!!!!

  5. NICE. The hairy legs make it especially nice. Congrats on making it through your first can be a bitch. The second trimester ROCKS!

  6. Innana: Yes, ma'am, it is, and they can.

    Eric: Silliness works wonders, for writing and for family harmony. That shirt sounds hot. ;)

    Michelle: Oh, I do plan on focusing on Baby when he/she comes along! That's why I'm hoping to get a lot done beforehand. And I'm glad my husband, and our roomie, are such goofballs, because I'm sure our child will love it.

    Esperanza: Mm-hm, I bet you will. Heh.

    Kali: My husband loves showing off his hairy thighs. He works at a bike shop, so he's no stranger to hilariously tight short-shorts. I think I have some shots of him in hairy drag on this blog, also. I believe the post is called "Queen for a Day." If you're interested. LOL!

  7. You'll have such fun laughing through the new mama days too. And the zoos, the music in the park, the festivals... they're all things to look forward to with your little one... The writing too after a bit.

    Congrats on the baby-to-be and the successful first three months. Did you ever find prenatal belly dancing resources?

  8. Yay! Second trimester! You're halfwayish there!

    Can you do empire waist dresses? I would advise using those and definitely tossing the hot pants. :) Congrats!

  9. Sarah: I am so excited about baby fun! I haven't found any in-person classes yet, but I have some recommendations for DVDs to order, and I already have a nice prenatal yoga DVD.

    Falen: Truth.

    FT: I am wearing an empire waist dress now! It's strapless, and it fits me better than ever now that I have some boobs to hold it up.


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