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Notes from Underground contest at the Literary Lab

Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground was one of my favorite reads as a teenager, and the Literary Lab is one of my favorite writing blogs. So how beautiful and sublime that the Lit Lab is holding a free-form writing contest inspired by Dostoevsky's rambling work!

Click the button in my sidebar to learn more and participate. The 25 winners will be guaranteed 10 pages in a self-pubbed book that the Lit Lab will compile, design, and make available for sale.

WARNING: This is a loose, anarchic sort of project dangerously lacking in rules and guidelines. This can be terrifying for some. Dostoevsky writes in his Notes, "Go on, try it. Give us, for example, a little more independence; untie the hands of any one of us, broaden our sphere of activity, relax the controls, and... I can assure you, we'll immediately ask to have the controls reinstated."

Enter if you dare!


  1. Thanks for the shout out on this! And that's excellent, excellent quote for our contest. Hah! Sadly, I haven't read Notes from Underground, although I'm familiar with other Dostoevsky pieces. Notes is on my list of books to buy, for sure!

    I really am excited about this contest, but I don't expect a ton of people to enter.

  2. Sounds like an interesting contest, for sure. And what a great opportunity for the 25 winners!

  3. Genie,
    Thanks a lot for mentioning this! I love that you love Notes From Underground. I had originally explained my relationship with the book in the contest post, but then I deleted it at the last minute. But, the experience of reading that book for me was akin to a psychic connection during a crisis in my life. I felt that Dostoevsky was actually reading my mind, and it was so strange considering he was no longer alive. It really convinced me of what a genius he was.

  4. WHOA, really, Davin? Me too. I read it when I was a young teen, and I was going through this sort of existential crisis of a religious and philosophical nature. I was all into angsty stuff like Sartre and the play Waiting for Godot. I've come a long way since then. Now Dostoevsky's words come across as a little more whiny and insensitive toward women than I first thought, but still so much genius in there.

    My teenage self has a funny, sarcastic conversation with Dostoevsky going on in the margins, like he was a friend and we were passing notes back and forth in class. It was a fun thing to rediscover after 10 years or more.

  5. You've been tagged! Go check out my blog ; )

  6. Very interesting contest. Good luck! Found you at Tessa's blog. The YouTube bellydancing sounds fun!


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