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Happy May Day!

Did you remember to bathe in the morning dew for everlasting youth?


May Day is an ancient, pre-Christian holiday celebrating the fullness of spring and the fertility of the earth. Right here in Michigan, it's a glorious day for this festival. It's over 70 and sunny. My apple trees have lush foliage already, my strawberries are ripening, peas are growing like crazy, and I've already planted sweet corn. My whole neighborhood is blooming with cherry and crabapple trees, lilacs, tulips, and bleeding hearts.


It's only a few days before my third wedding anniversary, and this time of year always reminds me of my wedding bouquet, full of fragrant blossoms from my mother's and grandmother's gardens--along with some cheats from the florist, because that May was not quite as warm and sunny and blooming as this year's.

It also reminds me that I need to do more research on 10th and 11th century European holidays!

I did not get any writing done today, but I feel OK about that. I went outside and said hello to my fruits and flowers and vegetables and watched the birds making nests and fighting over territories. (Isn't it funny when robins get pissed at reflections of themselves in windows?)

Did you have a good May Day, friends? Writers, do your novels include any holiday celebrations? If so, tell me about it... or just run outside and clip a fresh flower arrangement while the sun is still shining.


  1. Do you put up a may tree where you are?

  2. Nope, I don't actually know anyone who celebrates. You?

  3. not really, but where I live every village puts up a may tree/pole. some of them make a sport of stealing the neighbouring village's pole. It's almost like an octoberfest for may...

  4. everything's blooming here, too, though... got some photos up at if you're interested ; )

  5. My girls and I ran outside in the morning to rub dew on our faces;we usually do a maypole, but I couldn't find the ribbon this year. But we had fun anyway!

  6. My father in law told me the name of a holiday that was yesterday, under some strange Gaelic sounding name, but I've already forgotten it. He said the closest thing celebrated these days is May Day. Sigh. Awesome pictures! I'm dying to see your wedding dress. :)

  7. Tessa and Kali: Gorgeousness!

    Lady G: That's cool! There are lots of regional variants of this holiday across Europe. Also, if you want to see my wedding dress, click "wedding" under my Magic Words. :)


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