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Bison Burgers: antidote to writers' block and writers' butt

OK, I admit that may be a slight exaggeration. But if you're already grilling burgers this summer, bison is a fabulous alternative to beef. You will notice that as a gourmet meat, it costs more, and it's worth every penny. Mmmm, bison.

I prefer the taste of grass-fed bison to beef. It has a mellow sweetness with a fine texture. It has none of the gristle and fatty bits you get in hamburger. When it's cooked at a lower temperature and for a shorter period of time than beef burgers, the meat stays juicy and flavorful--more flavorful than beef.

Bison meat has much less fat than beef. In fact, bison has less fat than pork, chicken, and most fish. (This greatly reduces your risk of writers' butt.) It also has far higher levels of iron, Omega-3s, and protein. (This is good brain food to combat writers' block or mental fatigue.)

So if you want to be the star of this barbecue season, or if you just want to indulge in meaty goodness and still look hot on the beach, invest in some bison. Your brain AND butt will thank you.


  1. Wow. That burger looks great. Itve never tried bison, but it's almost enough to make me want to go out and find one right now. :)

  2. I've heard of bison burgers but never tried one. I didn't realize bison is so much healthier than beef. Thanks for the educational post!

  3. It's delish if you can find it. The ground meat costs quite a bit less than the pre-made patties.

    My husband and I don't buy beef anymore, ever. People think it's a good source of iron and B vitamins, but beef is actually very low in those nutrients compared to any game meat, bison, leafy greens, or beans--and it's full of gross. Beef cattle have been bred to be fat, not nutritious. A definite risk factor for writers' butt!

    Bonus: Bison ranching is far more eco-friendly. Bison are a native species, and they eat plants that grow naturally (which means less irrigation and growing grains for feed) and they pollute the air far less than farty cows.

  4. I LOVE bison meat! Oh, gosh, the best "hamburger" I've ever had was bison. Oh yum. Only problem is where to buy it...


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