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Be your own evil stepmother.

Spring cleaning time! (I know, ugh.) Sadly, I am not yet receiving any large royalty checks for my writing, so I can't hire a maid or cook. I'm also not a Disney princess with the power to sing out the window and call my animal helpers to do my chores for me. Even worse, my "housewife" Esperanza left me for Mexico a couple years ago. (I miss you, Esperanza!)

The only option left to me is to become my own evil stepmother and forbid myself to go to the ball (finish Chapter 5) until I complete my list of chores. This might actually motivate me to get some work done around the house, which sure would make Mr. G happy after he comes home from his two jobs. But it's very hard for me to stay away from my keyboard, because in Chapter 5... A PROPHECY is fulfilled! A CURSE descends upon the castle! And in Chapter 6... BLOOD and GORE! Two people Rosemarie loves will DIE HORRIBLE, VIOLENT DEATHS! Whole ecosystems will be OBLITERATED! A new monarch will SEIZE CONTROL of the land! Monsters will go on RAMPAGES of DESTRUCTION!

...But not until I cook, clean, and water the plants. And maybe bake some dang cookies to warm up my house. (Hello, spring, did you forget to wake up today?) Maybe I will cheat a little. I'm not a very strict evil stepmother.

Eh. Some writers find themselves scrubbing the toilet or sorting socks to put off writing. I'm exactly the opposite. I would stay planted in my chair with my hands stuck to the keyboard all day if I could get away with it. Alas, I need to keep myself and my husband fed, clothed, and organized.

Okay, signing off. I need to do the dishes and scrub the counters in time to meet my prince... and rain hellfire upon his wretched kingdom. Bwahahahaha! Fantasy writing sure does make one's boring day-to-day life seem more romantic and adventurous.

Pictures are of my BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Esperanza, who apparently has her own makeup artist named Ely and photographer named Rache.


  1. Ahh, chores. They are the nemesis of creativity, aren't they? Time after time, I find myself putting off writing to scrub the toilet, vacuum the carpet, do the dishes...the list goes on and on. If it's this hard to squeeze in writing now, I can't imagine what it must be like once motherhood arrives!

  2. Your BFF is beautiful! Yes, I've been DYING to get back to Cinders. I'm stuck int he middle a very intense scene, but real life duties call, and I need peace and quiet from the three year old...


    I love that you have so many good things coming up in the story! Sounds so exciting!

  3. Esperanzita!! Gorgeous. She may be your housewife, but I might have to throw my hat in the ring too. :)
    And I feel you on the chores before writing. My husband is ready to burn all my shit up to get ride of it.


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