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Killing Birds and Golden Apples

I'm speaking figuratively here! I love birds. And golden (delicious) apples. What is up with me lately, metaphorically killing frogs and now birds? I'm not violent toward animals, I swear.

What I'm trying to do is reference the phrase "killing two birds with one stone." Better yet, I like to kill (not literally, of course) as many birds as possible with my limited stones. For example, I am currently attempting to:

a.) write a novel while experiencing some of the things my characters do and enjoy,
b.) eat healthy,
c.) save money, and
d.) keep up my house.

So I had a brilliant idea as I sat at the kitchen table, alongside my trays of vegetable seedlings, and worked on Chapter 4, which touches on how the Queen likes apple blossoms. I thought, I like apple blossoms too! Why not plant some apple trees in my front yard?

I have to believe that a few apple trees won't require a huge amount of maintenance. Up at Mr. G's family property Up North, a whole orchard of apple trees has flourished all on its own, with no care at all, around the cottage. More trees keep popping up where the deer do their business after eating fallen apples.

However, I do plan to keep my own trees pruned so they don't grow too tall for me to reach the fruit.

Yeah, that's garlic growing in my flower beds. What of it?

So, with the planting of my little "apple orchard," I have contributed to my goals by:

a.) surrounding myself with whimsical beauty that inspires me and links me to my characters (as soon as those buds bloom and then the leaves come in and turn gorgeous colors in the fall),
b.) providing my household with fresh fruit (theoretically, in some future year...),
c.) saving on groceries (see above),
d.) and adding to the value of my home (ooh, fruit trees) while disguising my ugly siding so I can put off giving the front of my house a much needed Curb Appeal-type makeover. Screw putting on new siding, if I can just hide behind apple blossoms!

Oh, and it's going to smell SO GOOD wafting into my bathroom and office/nursery windows.

If you want to plant your own fruit trees...

First, find out what types thrive in your climate and the area where you want to plant them. Take into account the soil type and amount of sun. Visit a site like to get an idea of what you want.

Then buy the trees from a trusted source. Make sure you get a one-year warranty, because you won't necessarily know right away if there is something wrong with your saplings.

Dig a hole exactly as deep as the root ball and a bit wider. Mix the soil you fill in around the root ball with compost or cow manure. Mmm! The roots will love it.

Mulch and water the trees well.

Voila! If you have a yard, you can make your own Eden.

And if you don't, you can always grow a container garden of berries, peppers, cucumbers, flowers, herbs, or whatever inspires you.

My next project is to buy oodles of strawberry plants and let them run wild as ground cover! Ooh, I'm so excited! I love planting perennial stuff that comes back year after year. I hope these steadfast, hardworking plants can inspire me to be similarly productive.


  1. I'd like to state for the record that I am super impressed with you. Apple trees sound fabulous. I hope they grow strong and healthy. :)


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