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In Like a Lion

Enter the lion. While the weather here in Michigan has been sunny and mild at this beginning of March, my start to the month has had some bite.

It started with a wonderful family vacation. My parents treated me, Mr. G, and my brother to a trip to the Florida Keys. We had a great time, though we showed up at the tail end of the coldest winter in Florida's history. Note the sweater I'm wearing under that tiki umbrella.

We visited Mr. G's fabulous parents. Madame Antonia packs the most ridiculously good picnic lunches--homemade breads and hummus, sandwiches with aged gouda, fresh-picked fruits, brownies, and even cute graham crackers with our initials on them. Sadly, a downpour cut short our seaside lunch.

We stayed a couple nights at a marina and learned that the winter had been so cold, the fishing waters had been filled with dead fish and manatee that couldn't survive the freezing temperatures.

In Key West, all of the freaks wearing boa constrictors stayed inside, out of the cold. We took my family to a drag show, and one of the poor queens was wearing earmuffs and a fur coat to stay warm.

The only native creatures who didn't seem to be suffering at all were the allegedly "endangered" (but really, you couldn't walk anywhere without tripping over one) bite-sized Key deer. They had grown lovely, fluffy winter coats and were obviously well-fed by their human neighbors, evinced by their habit of running up and sniffing your hand like a dog begging for treats.

Alas, all the Florida residents were sick, and we took home some of their horrible disease as a souvenir. I was up all night with some Norovirus-like horror and still can't eat much solid food. Now Mr. G has lost his lunch at work, and we are faced with asking for sick days on the tail end of our vacation.

I was so ready to hit the ground running when we returned on Sunday night. I had plans to start my vegetable garden, begin a workout regimen, catch up on work, do some spring cleaning, finish a chapter of my WIP, and bake a birthday cake for Chef. (Happy 26th! Hope I didn't infect you.) No luck. I spent the whole first night home in the bathroom and the next day sipping Pedialite and drifting in and out of consciousness on the sofa. In the past two days, I have eaten nothing but two slices of toast, a banana, and a few bites of rice.

And now it's just starting on my poor husband. :(

I can only hope that this March follows the old adage and goes out like a lamb.


  1. Boo that sucks! I used to live in Miami and would frequent the Keys alot. Too bad you really didn't get to enjoy it the way you should!

  2. Oh no! I'm sorry you guys got sick. Aren't vacations supposed to have the opposite effect? I hope you two get better soon!

  3. We're really good at picking up exotic gastrointestinal diseases on our travels. Well, at least we purge all the calories we eat at nice restaurants.

    Eh. This "cleanse" method is not recommended.


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