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Your hair is good. Happy MLK Day!

Today, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of equality for people of all races, I would like to praise the 'fro in all its many textures and colors. The Afro, the Jewfro, the McFro, the half-fro.

Textured hair is not "difficult." (See Miss Moppet's rant on the Maxiglide, as seen on TV.)

Textured hair is exuberant, playful, and versatile. It can be dressed and molded into many forms ranging from smooth-glass to woolly-cloud. It can be highly maintained, strong enough to grip the longest of elaborate extensions. It can be the lowest-maintenance 'do in the world, and among the most fabulous at the same time.

Hair with a presence invites touching... which can be good or bad, I suppose, depending on the circumstances. Big hair is fascinating and exotic to those who lack it.

The rarest and coarsest 'fro of all is not of African descent, but rather the red variety. Atop some of the whitest of whiteys, a beautiful 'fro grows naturally.

Behold my buddy Froseph. The ladies cannot keep their hands out of his pillowy locks.

My friends with perfectly boring hair, do not waste away in envy. A low-maintenance 'fro is achievable for most.

Observe my wet-from-the-shower, non-ginger white girl hair as I tie it in two vertical buns and leave it to air-dry all day.

By evening, without the use of hot tools or rollers, piles of curls are set free! Use hairspray to make a bun-fro last all night.

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Whatever texture and shape, your hair is good hair.


  1. LOL!

    I love it. I envy that dude who has to fight off the ladies with his 'fro!

    I'd like to request a blog on how to regrow hair!

  2. Oh golly, I almost forgot. To all the beautiful bald men out there, a chest 'fro can be enchanting as well. I know, it's not the shiny-clean standard of male beauty these days, but give me a 1970s pec rug over a hairless boy anytime.

    And of course, there's always the magnificent beard. Mr. G has been alternating between "the lumberjack" and "the King Leonidas" lately, paired with nothing but salt-and-pepper stubble up top. I loves it. So testosteroney!

  3. Thank youuuu! YOU KNOW curly hair is the best. And you could have a 'fro, too... if you cut off three or four feet of that abundant hair of yours.


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