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Resolve to keep house like Grandma but party like a rockstar!

The Huffington Post has this great piece on many things that our grandparents did for economic reasons that just so happened to be eco-conscious. I do all of these things at my house, except sewing. But I'm scheduling some sewing lessons with Mrs. Waxx later this month!

UNLIKE my grandparents (and probably yours, too) I have gone 27 years without making any babies. Most of my friends don't have children and never want to have them. Mr. G and I are thinking that it might be about time to come around to that phase of our life and then maybe adopt more children when our bio-baby gets a little older.

UNTIL THEN, we have been (and are having) a lot of the kind of fun that only 20-30-somethings without kids can have! On our "honeymoon" trip to Mexico, Esperanza's abuelita, a traditional Mexican Catholic grandma, grabbed us and ordered us to wait a while before having kids--she didn't get that choice, and she wanted us to take advantage of it!

Hooray for birth control. Sorry, Pope Benedict. P.S. Y'all sell condoms in the Vatican City, and I appreciate that, even when the old Catholic lady drugstore cashier gives me the stank eye when I purchase them.

Anyway... I have a feeling that Mr. G and I will be enjoying child-free life with a special urgency this year, living it up all we can while slowly and steadily building upon all those old-school Depression-era life skills that will make raising a family more affordable, healthy, and pleasurable.

We started by ringing in the new year with a helluva party!

The dress code was "formal, yet in poor taste." Mr. G wore glittery women's hot pants from American Apparel. I wore a sequin-edged t-shirt found at a garage sale and a skirt made from a belly dancing hip scarf and another fringed, tinselly scarf. My jewelry was all vintage costume--except my heirloom wedding and engagement rings, of course.

Sequins ruled the night. Almost every woman in the house wore some form of them. I kept trying to decorate The Baked Chef with things like Hawaiian leis left over from our trailer park luau, crystal jewels, earrings, and glittery headbands, but it was like trying to keep a festive costume on an ornery cat. Oh well. At least his date, co-hostess LadyFace, came properly dressed in "the tackiest matching gold sequin jacket and shoes that Fashion Bug had available."

Mr. G had fun "shoe watching" on the floor.

The Baked Chef made stuffed mushrooms and naan bread baked on a griddle inside our woodstove to go with several varieties of hummous. Guests brought cookies, cake, and of course more and more booze.

The house stayed toasty warm without the heat coming on, due to all the fire cooking and hot bodies mashed into the place.

A massive potted poinsettia left over from a Christmas church service (where I work) dominated the living room. I'll try to overwinter it in our newly renovated Yellow Room (office and plant nursery). Even if it never blooms again, the foliage is pretty!

We ate! We drank! (Oog, did we ever.)

We kissed at midnight!

I stole Mrs. Waxx's shoes and did a jingle coin dance!

We watched a virtual countdown on the laptop and toasted the new decade!

What did YOU do for NYE, and what are you planning to do or learn this year?


  1. Babies are great. I waited until I was almost 35. You can wait until then. Your eggs are still good. But you have more energy to run after them, now. It's a crapshoot either way.

    Actually... just fuck each other and enjoy it. Babies are a bother and a blessing at the same time. By the way, you are going to have a little girl.

    Did I ever tell you that I was right about fortune telling people's babies? I've been right 15 times in a row.

    It's a little girl for you.

  2. Oh jo jo! Someone is going to be wrapped around a tiny little pinky!

    PS My mom turned 35 the day after she had me, and look how effin' rad I am! HOLLA!

  3. HEY, personal fortune telling is better than consulting my Glamourscope! I just hope my little girl doesn't come out hairy and Siberian looking like Daddy... Hahaha! We would love her the same, though. We'd name her Sophia after her badass survivor great-grandma.

    Esperanza, you ARE effin' rad. But you were not your mom's first pregnancy. I want an excuse NOW to kick my bad habits and get all those skin-glowy hormonal surges. Maybe I will get terrible morning sickness and regret my decision. We'll see. I know I'm not exactly running out of time... but at the same time, I feel ready to give it a shot.

    Hey, if we find out that one of us is sterile, we can look forward to a lifetime of not worrying about contraceptives. And we can take our time baby shopping, like Angelina Jolie! Oooh, glamorous. Want to go baby shopping with me, Esperanza?


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